Print on Demand Reports

These files are made available to facilitate linking to print-on-demand versions of volumes in HathiTrust, including versions of volumes on Google Books that are offered through a variety of Expresso Book Machine outlets.

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pod_volumes_20120210.csv53.1 MB
pod_volumes_20120306.csv53.1 MB
pod_volumes_20120622.csv61.85 MB
pod_volumes_20120801.csv61.86 MB
pod_volumes_20130201.csv61.86 MB
pod_volumes_20130301.csv61.86 MB
pod_volumes_20130401.csv61.86 MB
pod_volumes_20130501.csv61.86 MB
pod_volumes_20130601.csv61.86 MB
pod_volumes_20130701.csv61.86 MB
pod_volumes_20130801.csv61.86 MB
pod_volumes_20130901.csv61.86 MB
pod_volumes_20131001.csv61.86 MB
pod_volumes_20131101.csv61.86 MB
pod_volumes_20131201.csv61.86 MB
pod_volumes_20140101.csv61.86 MB
pod_volumes_20140201.csv61.86 MB
pod_volumes_20140301.csv61.86 MB
pod_volumes_20140401.csv61.86 MB