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The Conchological Illustrations
A stunning visual rendering of shell life emerges in this 1841 edition by George Brettingham Sowerby, one of 1,300 digitized items in the University of Michigan Museums and Herbarium Library Collection in HathiTrust.

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From the Homepage: More Than a Beach Read
It's always summer somewhere! This July, we recognize not only the traditional shells, cones, and frigid confections of a typical summer, but also the fiery lines of a poet memorializing an early civil rights march.
July 18, 2024
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Edison Collection of American Sheet Music
39,870 items
Sheet music published from 1800 to 1870 in the Edison Sheet Music Collection, gathered by the Edison Phonograph Company and one of the largest collections of American 19th-century music held anywhere. Consists primarily of songs and solo piano works.
Carnegie Institution for Science Publications
3,961 items
20th century publications from Carnegie Institution for Science (formerly known as Carnegie Institution of Washington). Includes annual reports and institution year books and scholarly monographs.
Records of the American Colonies
863 items
Published documents--legislation, court proceedings, records, correspondence, etc.--from the 13 original colonies and their predecessors.