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New works enter the public domain in 2018

January 5, 2018

Every January 1st, new works move into the public domain around the world. This year over 23,000 works have been opened to full view in HathiTrust, thanks to the public domain. Explore our collection "Newly Opened Worldwide: 1-1-2018" to see the titles we have been able to open in 2018.

Public domain works can be read by anyone in full on the HathiTrust website. Download, however, is typically restricted to members of HathiTrust partner institutions. Is your university or college a HathiTrust partner? Search for the name of the university by clicking "LOG IN" above.

This is not the only time of year that works may enter the public domain in the HathiTrust collection. Works are deposited by member libraries throughout the year, and some of these may be in the public domain. In addition, the HathiTrust Copyright Review Program investigates the copyright status of thousands of works every year. For more information about copyright policies in HathiTrust see https://www.hathitrust.org/copyright.

Author(s):  Kristina Eden