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September 2020 Update

New Members

We are pleased to announce that Kenyon College, University of Regina, Laurentian University, and York University have joined the HathiTrust member community. See the full membership list on our website. 

Emergency Temporary Access Service Updates


Emergency Temporary Access Service Continuation

Throughout August, member libraries using the Emergency Temporary Access Service submitted a survey to HathiTrust to document the continuing disruptions to their campus, library, and collection access. Weighing each factor in the assessment, HathiTrust staff worked with members to determine their ongoing eligibility to use ETAS within the bounds of fair use. Based on the results of the assessment survey, most members will continue using ETAS during the current term. The list of ETAS activated or deactivated libraries is updated regularly on the HathiTrust website. 

Common Question on ETAS and ILL 

Can libraries accessing ETAS share scans from their own print books that are also present in HathiTrust, for ILL or local document delivery?

Libraries that have ETAS activated are not able to lend the physical volume of an ETAS title, or use downloads of the digital volume in HathiTrust to provide document delivery, course reserves, or fill interlibrary loan requests. Libraries may use the physical volume for making independent scans for document delivery, independent scans for interlibrary loan, or independent scans for course reserves following their usual policies in accordance with applicable provisions of copyright law. The key distinction is that during the time ETAS is activated, the print book cannot be used in full and the HathiTrust digital volumes or pages of volumes cannot be downloaded or used for additional services.

ETAS Video Recordings

ETAS Virtual Office Hours: General (June 17, 2020) -- Video
ETAS Virtual Office Hours:Usage & Overlap Reports (June 9, 2020) -- Video
ETAS Virtual Office Hours: Discovery & Integrating ETAS Records (June 23, 2020) -- Video
ETAS Virtual Office Hours: Continuation for Fall 2020 (August 11, 2020) -- Video

Additional Support Resources

For service questions or to reactivate ETAS, please contact feedback@issues.hathitrust.org.

HathiTrust User Support Call for New Members

HathiTrust is seeking new members for the HathiTrust User Support team. This is a great opportunity to get involved with the day-to-day work of HathiTrust and to learn more about HathiTrust’s  general operations. HathiTrust User Support is an asynchronous, cooperative user support team that communicates with patrons via a ticketing system. User Support members respond to problem reports and questions about services. HathiTrust does not provide in-depth reference services. Messages are submitted by member libraries, by students and faculty, and by public users from around the world. 

Interested member library employees should apply using this form.  Nominations are due by September 30th, and training occurs during the first two weeks of October. User Support members are expected to serve four hours per two week period. This includes being on call one day every two weeks and following-up on messages as needed. Individuals must be currently employed at a HathiTrust member library.  Participation in HathiTrust User Support constitutes service to the profession.

This is a particularly good opportunity for the following:

  • New library professionals looking to acquire experience in user services.
  • Current experts in user or access services who wish to learn more about HathiTrust services.
  • Digital conversion experts or catalogers interested in improving the quality of the HathiTrust collection.

We have vacancies on three subgroups. In the application form, please indicate the team of greatest interest. 

  • General Support team members do initial review of tickets on their scheduled day. 
  • Bibliographic Corrections team members review catalog error reports and work with contributing libraries to receive metadata corrections. Familiarity with MARC format is required. 
  • Digital Objects Quality Corrections team members review content quality problems and work with Google and contributing institutions to improve the quality of scans. 

Questions about the work of the HathiTrust User Support team? Please contact Angelina Zaytsev, Chair of HathiTrust User Support, at azaytsev@hathitrust.org

2020 Member Meeting & HathiTrust Community Week Registration 

Registration is now open for the virtual 2020 Member Meeting. Library directors, member representatives, primary contacts, and governance/advisory group members have already received a registration request via email, to which we request a response by September 30. Additional registration for the meeting, as well as registration for sessions of the HathiTrust Community Week, will soon be open to anyone affiliated with a member library. Learn more about the official member meeting and the HathiTrust Community Week.

HathiTrust 101 Webinar Series Online

This new series of webinars introduces current, new, and potential members to services and tools across the HathiTrust organization. The sessions conducted in August and September were recorded and are now available online.

Introduction to HathiTrust: More Than a Digital Library

Recording available on the HathiTrust YouTube Channel

Accessible Text Request Service 101: Serving Patrons with Print Disabilities

Recording available on the HathiTrust YouTube Channel

Discovery & Access 101: Integrating Records into Your Catalog

Recording available on the HathiTrust YouTube Channel

Ingest 101: Contributing Content to HathiTrust

Recording available on the HathiTrust YouTube Channel

If you have questions about the recorded topics or have an idea for a topic you’d like to see in a future HathiTrust 101 webinar, please contact Jessica Rohr, jbelle@hathitrust.org.

HTRC Fall Workshops & October User Group Forum

This fall, HTRC's workshop series is going online, with joint virtual workshops at the following institutions:

October 6-9, 2020: Yale University (HathiTrust member since 2010) and University of Maryland (HathiTrust member since 2010)

October 20-23, 2020: Southern Methodist University (HathiTrust member since 2017) and Wayne State University (HathiTrust member since 2018)

November 3-6, 2020: University of Colorado - Boulder (HathiTrust member since 2018) and University of California, Irvine (HathiTrust member since 2009)

HTRC User Group Forum

On October 15 at 1:00 pm CT/2:00 pm ET, Professor Matt Wilkens will present about his Textual Geographies (http://txtgeo.net/about) project and dataset at this year's HTRC User Group Forum, held via Zoom. Registration is open to all via this Google form: https://forms.gle/TNAB9fDrEynMdbZx7

Read more about the HathiTrust Research Center.


From the Collection: Open-Air Schools

Open Air School, 1910

Caption: Class and roof building. Franklin Park School, Boston. Side curtains lowered to secure picture.
Title: Open-Air Schools
Authors: Leonard Porter Ayres
Published: New York, Doubleday, Page & Co. 1910. Contributed by Library of Congress (HathiTrust member since 2011).