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Background of the Shared Print Agreement


 The Shared Print Agreement is a long-term document containing provisions that are fundamental to the program and are not likely to change. The Agreement makes reference to but does not incorporate the Operating Policies and Guidelines which are more detailed requirements that may change over time as HathiTrust libraries gain experience with the program. The HathiTrust Board of Governors may revise the Operating Policies and Guidelines from time to time as needed, after consultation with Retention Libraries, other HathiTrust members, and advisory groups.


 The Operating Policies and Guidelines were based on recommendations originally made by the HathiTrust Print Monograph Archive Planning Task Force in 2015. Those policies were reviewed and updated by the Shared Print Advisory Committee (SPAC) in 2016-2017. Prospective Retention Libraries provided explicit feedback about the policies on two occasions and the policies were available for review on the shared print libraries website. The HathiTrust Program Steering Committee (PSC) also reviewed the proposed policies. The Agreement document was developed in conjunction with the University of Michigan Office of General Counsel. The final Agreement and Policies were approved by the HathiTrust Board of Governors in June 2017. A few policy revisions have been approved in 2017 and 2018.


 HathiTrust will manage the program, and funds to support it will be described, justified, and approved through the annual budget process which requires approval by the HathiTrust membership. Except for expenses explicitly funded by HathiTrust through the budget process, Retention Libraries are expected to support other local costs of participation.

 HathiTrust plans to provide financial support for the Shared Print Program for these categories of expenses as approved by the Board:

● Program management and communications (e.g. Shared Print Program Officer)

● Systems (e.g. develop and maintain the HathiTrust Shared Print Registry and other services)


 To maintain consistency across the Agreements with all Retention Libraries, we ask that no additions, modifications, or addenda be made to the Agreement. However, we do understand that local issues may arise. If you have questions about the Agreement and/or the Policies, please consult with the Shared Print Program Officer.