Automated Bibliographic Rights Determination

Information used

PubPlace17008:17 (last byte of pub place.  “u” indicates published in the US, otherwise non-US)
VolDateLatest year parsed from z30_description field.  Set to null if nothing could be parsed or if no z30_description.

Bibliographic record format (BK, SE, etc.)

Imprint field260 or 264 ind2=1


Check of imprint field for multiple subfield a:
If PubPlace 17 eq “u”, and the imprint field contains multiple subfield a’s, then the data in each subfield a is normalized and matched against a list of known US cities.  If any of the subfield a’s are not in the list, then the mult_260a_non_us flag is set.

Determination of date:
If the Date1 or Date2 field contains all fill characters or blanks, it is set to null.  If it contains at least one digit, then any occurrence of “u” or a fill character is changed to “9”.  So, “19uu” would be changed to “1999”.  

BibFmt eq 'SE' and VolDate exists:
  date_used = VolDate

DateType eq 't':
  if Date2 exists, date_used = Date2
  if Date1 exists, date_used = Date1
  otherwise, date_used = unknown

DateType eq 'r' or 'e':
  if Date1 exists, date_used = Date1
  otherwise, date_used = unknown

  if Date2 exists and Date2 > Date1, date_used = Date2
  if Date1 exists, date_used = Date1
  otherwise, date_used = unknown


Assignment of rights attribute (a complete explanation of rights attributes is available at

(The first status set is the one that is used.)

For US publications (PubPlace17 eq “u”):
For government publications (GovPub eq “f” ):
If NTIS (imprint field contains “ntis” or “national technical information service”) and pub_date  >= (current_year – 6)
then status = “ic”
else if Smithsonian (110, 130, 260, or 710 field contains “smithsonian”)
and pub_date >= 1924
then status = “ic”
else if
    NIST-NSRDS (series field 400|410|411|440|490|800|810|811|830 contains “nsrds” or “national standard reference data series”)
   or Federal Reserve (author field 100|110|111|700|710|711 contains "federal reserve")
and pub_date >= 1924
then status = “ic”
else status = “pd”
For non-government publications (GovPub not “f” ):
If mult_260a_non_us eq ‘y’ and date_used is between current_year minus 140 and 1923 inclusive, then status = “pdus”
If date_used is < 1924 then status = “pd”
Otherwise, status = “ic”
For non-US publications (PubPlace17 not “u”):

If PubPlace is Canada or Australia
then non_us_cutoff_year is current_year minus 120
else non_us_cutoff_year is current_year minus 140
If date_used is < non_us_cutoff_year
then status = “pd”
If date_used is >= non_us_cutoff_year and date_used < 1924 
then status is pdus
Otherwise, status = “ic”