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Making personal collections from Large Scale Search Results

We just released a new feature in our full-text Large Scale Search. When you do a search,you will see check boxes next to each search result. You can select items you want from the search results and create a personal collection. This should make it much easier to do repeated searches and explore a targeted subset of the HathiTrust volumes. If you are not logged in, the collection will be temporary. If you log in you can save the collection permanently. This enables users to do focused searching within a selected subset of search results.


I am impressed by this feature. I would love to know how this was implemented. If you could share some information, please drop me a line. Thanks, Ramesh

Hi ! Like your project and really appreciate this blog ; really interesting and helpful experience. I'm really impressed too by this feature ! I'm currently working on a similare feature et didn't found yet a smart solution ... i would appreciate if you could share your experience with me on that point. Thank you, and once again GREAT Job ! - Emmanuel

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