Collections Committee Charge

April 2014

Collections Committee Charge

The HathiTrust Collections Committee is a standing committee of the HathiTrust partnership, reporting to the HathiTrust Program Steering Committee. The committee is responsible for collection development activities and policies and charged with making key recommendations about the content included in HathiTrust.

The Collections Committee will liaise as appropriate with other task groups, including the Rights and Access Working Group, the Government Documents Initiative Planning and Advisory Group, and the Print Monographs Archive Planning Task Force.

The Committee is asked to make recommendations in the following areas: 

  1. Collection development: Recommend priority activities and the strategies to carry them out. 
    1. developing particular types of collections within the HT corpus, such as comprehensive or distinctive collections in particular areas that build on participant strengths
    2. exploring opportunities for digitization and collaboration with other initiatives
    3. recommending policies and priorities for aggregating additional public domain content and responding to offers from non-Hathi participants to add content
    4. surveying the partnership to understand interest in other kinds of collections and mining the Ithaka report to identify key collection development and management issues that should be addressed and recommend appropriate strategies or groups to address them
    5. recommending priority preservation issues and needs
  2. Prioritization for new content types:  Recommend priorities and strategies, taking into consideration that each new content type ingested into HathiTrust will have unique access, management, and preservation requirements and associated costs.
    1. recommend processes for proposing, vetting, and prioritizing the addition of new content types that enable the partnership to make strategic decisions concerning them. 
    2. propose models for allocating costs associated with specific content-types across the partnership as requested by the Governing Board.
  3. Collection management tools and analytics:  Recommend appropriate tools and/or services needed  for collection development and analysis, including but not limited to:
    1. analytical tools by subject, language, date, format, or other scope, especially mechanisms that would be useful to describe the corpus to a potential user)
    2. use of collection builder functionality to support the development of specific collections within HathiTrust
    3. citation and versioning needs in light of the inevitable mutability of content in HathiTrust (e.g. continuously-improved Google versions, the potential for de-duplication, etc.)
  4. Monitor impact of 2012 Recommendation not to de-duplicate holdings in the corpus. [i]


The HathiTrust Collections Committee shall have seven – eight members including a minimum of two members each from the CIC and UC and 2-3 members from other member institutions.  Members should ideally represent a diversity of HathiTrust partners and a mix of expertise including collection development and management, rights management, digital collections, and connections to other areas of HathiTrust work (e.g. quality, tools and services, etc.

Members are appointed for 2 year terms with the possibility of renewal. (Initial appointments are for 1 or 2 years in order to stagger terms.) 

The Chair of the Committee will serve for two years.

Terms are January – December.

Current members and terms

Carmelita Pickett, Chair (University of Iowa), 2016-2018
Martha Hruska (UC-San Diego), PSC Liaison, 2016
Sharon Farb (UCLA), 2017 
Mildred Jackson (University of Alabama), 2019
Jeff Kosokoff (Duke University), 2019
Michael Neubert (Library of Congress), 2019
Bryan Skib (University of Michigan), 2017
Claire Stewart (University of Minnesota), 2016 
Tom Teper (University of Illinois), 2017
Nicholas Wolf (New York University), 2019