Copyright Review Management System (CRMS) Partner Institutions

CRMS has truly been a team effort. Through the investment and commitment of staff who have dedicated a portion of their time to participate in copyright review, we have collectively reviewed over 600,000 items, identifying 320,000 public domain works.  This project has been generously funded by the Institute for Museum and Library Services starting in 2008, based on an initial proposal submitted by John Wilkin, then Founding Executive Director of HathiTrust and now Juanita J. and Robert E. Simpson Dean of Libraries and University Librarian, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

The names of individuals who have been involved in this project as reviewers or managers of the project are found below (listed at the organization at which they were employed when they were involved).  

Amherst College: Maryanne Alos

University of Arizona Libraries: Elissa Mondschein

Baylor University Libraries: Brenda Anderson, Ramona McKeown, Billie Peterson-Lugo, Denyse Rodgers, Jeff Steely, Darlene Youts

Boston College: Naomi Rubin

California Digital Library: Ivy Anderson, Renata Ewing, Curtis Lavery, Nancy Scott-Noennig, Virginia Sinclair

University of California, Irvine: Carol Hughes, Colby Riggs, Kevin Ruminson

University of California, Los Angeles: Martin Brennan, Diane Gurman, Edward Kip Hannan, Angela Riggio, Callie Holmes

University of California, San Francisco: Julia Kochi, David MacFarland

University of California, Santa Cruz: Sue Perry

University of Chicago: Connie Fleischer

Columbia University Libraries: Kaitlyn Burch, Ryan Graham, Zachary Lane, Robert Rendall

Cornell University: Caitlin Finlay, Michelle Hubbell, Michelle Nair

Universidad Complutense de Madrid: Antonio Moreno Cañizares, Almudena Caballos Villar

Dartmouth College Library: Karla Bushway, Goodie Corriveau, Lori Heath, Judy Maynes, Sarah McBride, Jan Peltzer

DePaul University: Wendall Sullivan

Duke University Libraries: Winston Atkins, Judith Bailey, Robert Byrd

University of Florida: John Griffin, Acacia Ramey

Georgia State University: Laura Burtle

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library: Hiromi Morikawa, Sarah Hoover, Betsy Kruger, Elizabeth Lippoldt, Joshua Shelly, Angela Waarala, Lura Joseph, Qiang Jin

Indiana University Libraries: Janet M. Black, Thomas Bullard, Lisa Cameron, Erin Green, Elizabeth Hanson, Kathryn Marlett, Sarah McAfoose, Jo McClamroch, Sherri Michaels, Nazareth Pantaloni III

Johns Hopkins University Library: Christopher Case, Katherine DeSousa, Dawn Hale, Isabelle Kargon

Lafayette College: Ana Ramirez Luhrs

University of Maryland Libraries: Paul Bushmiller, Leigh Ann DePope, Donna King, Yeo-Hee Koh, Audrey Lengel, Terry Owen, Loretta Tatum

University of Massachussetts Amherst: Jeremy Smith, Lisa Di Valentino

McGill University Library: Jennifer Innes, Louise Robert, Louise Robertson, Sarah Severson

University of Michigan: Richard Adler, Judy Ahronheim, Jack Bernard, Justin Bonfiglio, Matt Carruthers, Paul Courant,  Kristina Eden, Bobby Glushko, Moses Hall, Anne Karle-Zenith, Melissa Levine, Dennis McWhinnie, Greg Nichols, Emily Peiffer, Heather Shoecraft, Eric Sortor, Jen Talley, Hongyun Theros, John Weise, Chris Wilcox, John Wilkin, Jenn Wright

University of Minnesota Library: Melissa Aho, Lynne Beck, Laureen Boutang, Sandra Cressman, Virginia Dudley, Steve Koehler, Dennis Lien, David Linton, Mary Mortenson, Rory Segety, Edward Swanson, Carla Urban, Mark Wilhelmi, Sue Zuriff, Marlys McGuire

University of Mississippi: John Sanders

New York University: Daniel Biddle, Zach Coble

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Cynthia Baker, Cynthia Cowan, Libby Wilcher, Lisa Gregory, Anne Conway

Northwestern University Library: Katie Brown, Ann Duncan-Gibbs, Liz Hamilton, Shelley Morrison, Dru Parrish, Claire Stewart, Jennifer Young, Dan Zellner

Ohio State University Library: Pamela Cale, Zaineb Bayahy, Sandra Enimil, Walter Risley, Maria Scheid

Penn State University Libraries: Ryan Ake, Benjamin Blakeslee-Drain, Carol Bridgens, Grace Brooks, Yesenia Figueroa-Lifschitz, Jonathan Hindman, Chris Holobar, Nicolle Nicastro, Jennifer Phillips, Melanie Rinker, Ann Snowman

University of Pennsylvania: Nat Bender, Shawn Jasper

University of Pittsburgh: Jennifer Needham, Jonah McAllister-Erickson, David Frank

Princeton University Library: Marvin Bielawski, Jennifer Block

Stanford University: Kris Kasianovitz, Judy Marsh

Temple University: Fred Rowland

University of Tennessee: Rachel Caldwell

Texas A&M University Libraries: Laura Sare

University of Virginia: Bill Corey

Wake Forest University: Melde Rutledge

Washington State University: Linda Frederiksen

University of Wisconsin-Madison Library: Michael Cohen, Cynthia Lundey, Maren Mayer, Lisa Nachreiner, Karen Rattunde, Rita Roemer, Alan Seeger, Henry Thompson, Irene Zimmerman

Yale University: Judy Marsh