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Federal Documents Advisory Committee August 2016 - October 2019


August 2016 - October 2019 

The HathiTrust Federal Documents Advisory Committee (FDAC) is a standing committee of the HathiTrust partnership, charged with making key recommendations to the Program Steering Committee (PSC), and to the Program Officer for Federal Documents & Collections, regarding implementation of the HathiTrust U.S. Federal Documents Program for the benefit of the membership. The FDAC is a successor to the HathiTrust Government Documents Initiative Planning and Advisory Working Group.
 FDAC members will advise the PSC and Program Officer for Federal Documents & Collections on overall program strategy and plans, scope and phasing of plan components, and major tactical or operational plans in key program areas, including but not limited to:

Collection development:

  • Framework for prioritizing federal documents digitization and ingest into HathiTrust
  • Models for collaborative digitization and digital content contributions
  • Assessment of new internal or external opportunities to realize the potential of the collective HathiTrust investment in a comprehensive federal documents collection 

Discovery and access:

  • Methods and operations to characterize, improve, and enhance the quality of federal documents metadata and the HathiTrust digital corpus
  • Review of access policies for federal documents as needed

Communications and outreach:

  • Communications and outreach to connect with, engage, and enlist the support of multiple constituencies, including HathiTrust library leadership and documents specialists
  • Partnerships, advocacy, and engagement with the Government Publishing Office, publishing agencies, and national and other governmental libraries

The Federal Documents Advisory Committee will coordinate as appropriate with other HathiTrust groups, including the Collections Committee; Metadata Policy, Use and Sharing Advisory Group; the Rights and Access Working Group; and the Quality Assurance and Standards Working Group.

The Federal Documents Advisory Committee shall have seven to nine members drawn from the HathiTrust partnership who are leaders in the federal documents and collections community, who manage significant federal documents collections or initiatives, or who have substantial expertise in related matters. The committee’s membership will include a variety of stakeholder perspectives and include deep expertise on federal documents. The Program Officer for Federal Documents & Collections shall serve as non-voting Chair.

The FDAC is expected to meet monthly or occasionally more often by conference call or web meeting. A limited number of in-person meetings may be scheduled, usually in conjunction with conferences or HathiTrust member meetings.

Members are appointed for two-year terms with the possibility of renewal. Some appointments may be for one year in order to stagger terms. The initial term for the committee will be August 2016 through August 2018. After this initial term, FDAC and the PSC will review the purpose, charge, and membership of the committee.


August 2016 - October 2019 

Heather Christenson
Program Officer for Federal Documents and Collections
(Non-voting Chair)

Prue Adler
Associate Executive Director, Federal Relations and Information Policy,
Association of Research Libraries

Ivy Anderson
Director of Collection Development and Management
California Digital Library

Kirsten Clark
Director, Access and Information Services
University of Minnesota

Beth Dupuis
Associate University Librarian for Educational Initiatives and User Services and
Director of Doe & Moffitt Libraries and Subject Specialty Libraries
University of California, Berkeley

Michael Norman
Head of Content Access Management
University of Illinois

Judith Russell
Dean of University Libraries
University of Florida

Sarah Shreeves
Vice Dean, University of Arizona Libraries
(Program Steering Committee Liaison)