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Federal Documents Advisory Committee


The HathiTrust Federal Documents Advisory Committee (FDAC) is a standing committee of the HathiTrust membership, charged with making key recommendations to the Federal Documents & Collections Program Officer and to the Program Steering Committee (PSC) regarding policies and procedures necessary to implement and sustain a HathiTrust U.S. Federal Documents Program for the benefit of the membership. The Federal Documents Advisory Committee will coordinate as appropriate with other HathiTrust groups.

The Committee will be led by the Program Officer, and is responsible for advising her and making recommendations in the following areas, building on current Program plans.

Collection development:

  • Federal documents digitization and ingest into HathiTrust
  • Collaborative digitization of federal documents and digital content contributions
  • New internal or external opportunities to realize the potential of the collective HathiTrust investment in a comprehensive federal documents collection
  • Potential for new federal document formats (born-digital, digitized from microformats, etc.) in HathiTrust

Discovery and access:

  • Methods and operations to characterize, improve, and enhance the quality of federal documents metadata and the HathiTrust digital corpus
  • Impact of emerging HathiTrust metadata policies on the HathiTrust federal documents collection
  • Review of access policies for federal documents as needed

Communications and outreach:

  • Communications and outreach to connect with, engage, and enlist the support of multiple constituencies, especially within the HathiTrust membership, and including HathiTrust library leadership and documents specialists
  • Partnerships, advocacy, and engagement with the Government Publishing Office, publishing agencies, and national and other governmental libraries

The following are examples of work that the committee will take up in the near-term:

  • Advise on collection strategy and collaborative “gap filling” and collection development projects.
  • Advise on strategies and methods for promoting awareness and use of our HathiTrust federal documents collection.
  • Advise on potential strategies regarding born-digital federal documents


The Federal Documents Advisory Committee will consist of at least 6 members appointed in staggered term-length cohorts of individuals -- from member institutions and/or specific individuals that are engaged in significant federal documents collections or initiatives-- and will include 1 liaison to the PSC. The committee’s membership may include AULs or department heads for collections or services, Depository Librarians, and Data Services librarians.

The FDAC is expected to meet every two months or occasionally more or less often by conference call or web meeting. Appointments may be for one or two years in order to stagger terms. The term for the committee will be January 2023 through January 2024 or 2025. After this, FDAC and the PSC will review the purpose, charge, and membership of the committee.

Current members

  • Heather Christenson, Collections & Access Lead and Program Officer for Federal Documents, HathiTrust (Chair)
  • Christopher Cox, Dean of Libraries, Clemson University (PSC Liaison)
  • Connie Fleischer, Research Services Librarian, D’Angelo Law Library, University of Chicago
  • Valerie Glenn, Head, Map and Government Information Library, University of Georgia Libraries
  • Kate Holvoet, Electronic Resources Librarian & Assistant Head of Content Organization and Management, San Diego State University
  • James Jacobs, Federal Government Information Librarian and FDLP Coordinator, Stanford University
  • Carolyn Klotzbach-Russell, Social Sciences and Government Information Librarian, University at Buffalo
  • Celina McDonald, Program Administrator, Government Information Program & Criminology Librarian, University of Maryland
  • Richard (Rick) Mikulski, Instruction and Research Librarian, William & Mary Libraries
  • Jesse Silva, Scholarly Resources Strategy Librarian, University of California, Berkeley
  • Gwen Sinclair, Government Documents Librarian, University of Hawai'i at Manoa
  • Kelly Smith, Government Information Librarian and Subject Librarian for Urban Studies & Planning and Environmental Studies, UCSD
  • Liza Weisbrod, Music, Government Information, and Research Support Librarian, Auburn University


  • Cheryle Cole-Bennett, Project Coordinator, ASERL
  • Marie Concannon, Head, Government Information and Data Archives Research & Information Services Division, University of Missouri
  • Rebecca Crist, Project Manager Library Initiatives, BTAA
  • Valerie Glenn, Head, Map and Government Information Library, University of Georgia Libraries
  • Cass Hartnett, Documents Librarian, University of Washington
  • Karen Hoganboom, Head of Scholarly Communications, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Alicia Kubas, Government Publications and Data Librarian; Regional Depository Coordinator, University of Minnesota
  • Catherine Morse, Government Information, Law and Political Science Librarian, University of Michigan
  • Laura Sare, Associate Professor, Texas A & M
  • Jesse Silva, Scholarly Resources Strategy Librarian, University of California, Berkeley
  • Sinai Wood, Associate Professor & Documents Librarian, Baylor University


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