HTRC Timeline and Deliverables

The initial launch for the HathiTrust Research Center is divided into two distinct phases.

Phase 1:  July 2011 – December 2012 with a Demonstration Deliverable due June 2012

Phase 2:  start date January 2013

The first phase is an 18-month development cycle with a 12-month demonstration deliverable that will utilize existing tools and infrastructure to enable HTRC functionality among partner sites.


Semi-annual reports on Research Center development can be found in the general Updates portion of the site, and at the links below:

Phase 1

Phase 1 primary areas of work include the core cyberinfrastructure and data analysis tool setup, end user services including the portal, support center capabilities, and nominal support for derived research data capabilities. In Phase 1, only the public domain works in the HathiTrust will be available to researchers, as security framework and policies must be developed and deployed. The HTRC will deliver a demonstration system in June 2012.

Phase 1 Milestones


  • Develop bridge and caching strategies between the HathiTrust Repository and indices and the HTRC data store. Work on a versioning database.
  • Develop a prototype system for non-consumptive research.
  • Develop web and portal capabilities.
  • Develop distributed access capabilities and improve data quality.
  • Implement SEASR in the HTRC portal.
  • Perform risk security analysis and the initial development of security infrastructure and procedures. 

Public Engagement

  • Publicize HTRC and engage potential users.
  • Co-sponsor proposals with potential users of HTRC.
  • Develop relationships with other Digital Humanities/Social Science initiatives 


  • Develop and implement a sustainability plan.

Phase 1 Demonstration June 30, 2012

The demonstration will showcase multiple features of HTRC.  Use cases are being worked out with the Advisory Board.

Phase 2


This phase, which will require significant funding, will involve development of an operational research center that will provide ongoing and up-to-date access to the HTRC research corpus and associated indices. Phase 2 will commence during the 18th month of the project, and its launch will depend on garnering resources during Phase 1 and on the sustainability plan that will be developed in Phase 1. This phase will involve (among other things):

  1. Expansion, maintenance, and further development of widely accessed service components for all researchers.
  2. Development of a group of programmers and facilitators to assist users.
  3. Development of connections to high performance computing facilities, including supercomputing centers and XSEDE.
  4. Development of system monitoring capabilities, auditing controls and review processes that will ensure compliance for non-consumptive research of the HathiTrust content. 
  5. Deployment of more advanced capabilities, services, and tools that are driven by domain research partners and the HTRC Advisory Board.
  6. Further initiatives in the HTRC research program devoted to non-consumptive research.
  7. Continued development of long-term sustainability plans and mechanisms.
  8. Selection of best and current technology platforms for long-term use.
  9. Establishment of a "Tools" steering committee that will test, evaluate, and determine additional tools to be added to the suite of tools available in the portal. 
  10. Development and support for the user community.
  11. Development of procedures to allow researchers to add domain, project or methodology-specific tools to the infrastructure. 
  12. Development of long-term communications and outreach plans and procedures.