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HathiTrust Reseach Center Workshops

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The HathiTrust Research Center offers training to develop a community of users, teachers, and supporters of computational text analysis with HathiTrust data. 

The workshop program has been modified due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. In-person workshops will not be offered in fall 2020. HTRC is developing a new, virtual training program to fill the gap. The virtual workshops translate the in-person workshop series, and previous train-the-trainer workshops from HTRC, into an online environment. The virtual workshops are spread over 4 days, with each workshop covering a different topic:

  • Introduction to HTRC for text and data mining

  • HTRC Extracted Features dataset

  • HTRC Data Capsules environment

  • Supporting text and data mining from the library

Upcoming workshops

As HTRC continues to develop the virtual program, the workshops will be offered to 6 HathiTrust members in fall 2020:

  • Yale University and University of Maryland

  • Southern Methodist University and Wayne State

  • University of Colorado, Boulder and UC Irvine

These institutions were selected either because HTRC canceled their spring 2020 in-person workshop due to the pandemic, or because they were a multi-time requester of an HTRC workshop. Attendance will be open only to those from the above institutions, and to those who had registered for one of the canceled spring 2020 workshops.

Please check back later for more information about plans for spring 2020! 

Please contact htrc-help@hathitrust.org with questions.