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Ingest Checklist

To submit content directly to HathiTrust for ingest, please see the following instructions.  

For information on submitting content via Google or the Internet archive, please contact feedback@issues.hathitrust.org.

Before submitting content for ingest, please check the following:

Have you:

  • Filed a Digital Assets Submission Inventory (DASI) with HathiTrust for the material in question?

  • Filed a Creative Commons Declaration Form, if applicable

  • Filed an Administrative Coversheet that describes the structure of your bibliographic records?

  • Validated your content using the SIP Validator?

To submit content to HathiTrust, please do the following:

  • Upload your bibliographic records to Zephir

  • Upload your content packages to your Box.com folder

  • Notify us at feedback@issues.hathitrust.org.  Please include the unique item identifier for each object in the notification.

After submission, HathiTrust will:

  • Download the items from your Box.com folder

  • Run a series of validations

  • Ingest all items that pass validations

  • Report back any items that fail ingest

Updated February 20, 2020