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July 2017 Update

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HathiTrust Searches for Two New Staff Members

We are pleased to begin the search for two new positions:

Collection Services Specialist

HathiTrust Digital Library has an opportunity for a collaborative and service-focused individual to plan and manage the activities necessary to expand the content held in the HathiTrust collection and related programs.

The Collection Services Specialist is the primary contact for members, staff, and development partners regarding the deposit and ingest of collections and metadata. This is a special opportunity to support the continued growth of the largest digital book collection in the public sector.  The successful candidate will have experience in operating aspects of digital libraries and enjoy their challenges.  The individual who joins our team will be service-minded, excited to work with others to solve problems, communicate comfortably and clearly via various methods, have excellent focus and attention to detail, and enjoy wrangling data.

Member Engagement and Communications Specialist

HathiTrust Digital Library has an opportunity for a collaborative and service-focused individual to plan and manage the activities that will enhance HathiTrust membership, member engagement with HathiTrust services, and communications that convey the values of membership.

The Member Engagement and Communications Specialist will lead and develop our efforts to engage our members more in HathiTrust’s development and encourage them to take advantage of our services. The individual who joins our team will have the chance to help build our community and to develop and execute communications strategies to do so. The successful candidate will be service minded, dedicated to our mission, and excited to elucidate the mission, values, and services of HathiTrust for its members, for the library and academic community,  and for the wider world. 

For both positions, we are accepting applications from librarians and non-librarians alike. Please share with colleagues, friends and networks.

2017 Member Meeting Registration Now Open

We're pleased to announce that registration for the 2017 HathiTrust Meeting Meeting is now open. This year’s meeting will take place on November 2nd, at the Loews Rosemont Hotel near Chicago's O'Hare Airport.  A link to the registration form was sent to official Member Representatives, Library Directors and Primary Contacts. This meeting will focus on HathiTrust's strategic direction and will be designed to provide members with the opportunity for substantive contributions.  We strongly encourage attendance from the member representative, director, or dean of HathiTrust members, but their appointed delegates may attend.  We plan to include short lightning talks from members that highlight accomplishments HathiTrust has enabled. A limited number of spaces will be available to accommodate second attendees who are presenting. More information is available on our website.

Call for Nominations for Election to HathiTrust Board of Governors

We are currently accepting nominations for candidates for the 2018 Board of Governors. Official notice of the 2017 Election Process, which includes detailed instructions for nominations and requirements of nominees, can be found at https://www.hathitrust.org/2017-board-of-governors-elections

2017 Nominating Committee

Betsy Wilson, University of Washington (Chair)

David Banush, Tulane University

Gerald Beasley, University of Alberta

Susan Fliss, Smith College

Carolyn Walters, Indiana University                   


Federal Documents Program Update

HathiTrust is beginning to implement targeted collection development approaches for U.S. federal documents. In this month’s Federal Documents Program Update, we describe an initial set of collection development priorities, as well as a new collection of U.S. Federal Documents that enables users to search and browse a set limited to only federal documents in HathiTrust.  Also highlighted is a new collection of Statistical Abstract of the United States.  Learn more in the update about these activities and more, including recent presentations and upcoming projects.

Copyright Review Program Update

We are now sharing US renewal registration data collected through CRMS-US copyright review projects as a downloadable tab-delimited data file.

Beyond finding public domain works, the certainty of knowing a work is still protected by U.S. copyright is another kind of value derived from HathiTrust copyright review. From 2008 to present, our copyright reviewers have searched for U.S. renewal records using the Stanford Copyright Renewal Database. We now have 68,000 reviews where a HathiTrust volume has been directly correlated with a US copyright renewal. These results are primarily for U.S. monographs published between 1923-1963. More information on the data file is available at https://www.hathitrust.org/renewal-data-files. This download will be updated automatically every month with new copyright renewal IDs discovered through our ongoing copyright review project.

Hathifiles updated to include additional data elements

On August 1, 2017 we will be making a modification to the HathiTrust hathifiles available at https://www.hathitrust.org/hathifiles. We will be adding 4 data elements to the files. Hathifiles provide an  inventory of all items in the HathiTrust collection and include  limited metadata for each  item. A full file is provided at the beginning of the month, and update files are posted daily to capture changes to the collection.

The four data elements are:

  • Digitization agent code - The organization that digitized the content. Codes used are listed at https://www.hathitrust.org/institution_identifiers
  • Content provider code - The institution that originally contributed the content. Codes used are listed at https://www.hathitrust.org/institution_identifiers
  • Responsible entity code - The institution that took responsibility for accessioning the content into HathiTrust, in cases where the content provider was not a member of HathiTrust. Codes used are listed at https://www.hathitrust.org/institution_identifiers.
  • Collection code -  An administrative code used to share information between Zephir and HathiTrust Repository, Indicating a unique combination of content provider, responsible entity, and licensing terms.

Content providers can use these new data elements to track on content that they have submitted to HathiTrust. Other users may find these codes useful to identify who contributed or digitized content.

In most cases, this change should not break any existing scripts that members or users have created  to process the files, because the data elements will be added to the end of each row. However, if you have a script that describes a specific length to the data elements, you will need to modify your code. More information about these codes is available at https://www.hathitrust.org/internal_codes