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July/August 2021 Update

Welcoming New Members to HathiTrust
Board of Governors Candidate Nomination Update
ETAS Assessments or Deactivation Requests due September 1
Bidding Farewell to Eleanor Koehl, Digital Scholarship Librarian
Registration Now Open: 2021 HathiTrust Member Meeting
The New Book Viewer, c. 2021
Box Folder Migration to Affect All Members
Side-by-Side: HathiTrust U.S. Fed Docs & FDLP
Back to School Resources: HathiTrust 101 Series; Collections; and Search Tips
New Acceptable Use Policy
From the Collection: Cornell Land Grant/Statutory College Publications

Welcoming New Members to HathiTrust

We are pleased to announce that Simmons University and Ventura College have joined the HathiTrust member community. See the full membership list on our website. 

Board of Governors Candidate Nomination Update

HathiTrust accepted nominations for candidates for the 2022 Board of Governors through July 26. The nominations now pass to the official Nominating Committee before going to the board later this month for final review and ballot approval. Member Representatives will then have the opportunity to vote on candidates.  

 Four seats will be filled in the election:

  • Two seats with terms running from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2024.
  • Two seats with terms running from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2023. 

The candidates with the two highest vote totals will be appointed for three year terms. The candidates with the third and fourth highest vote totals will be appointed for two year terms. 

Voting will begin September 7 and conclude on September 27, 2021. Read the official notice of the 2021 Election Process, which includes detailed instructions for nominations and requirements of nominees.

ETAS Assessments or Deactivation Requests due September 1

In early August, HathiTrust sent a message to Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS)  contacts at member institutions currently using ETAS with a request to either select a deactivation date or document continuing disruptions to their print collection by September 1. Libraries that are currently deactivated or have already scheduled deactivation do NOT need to complete the assessment form. 

Our assessment of eligibility for ETAS focuses on disruptions to your campus, library, and collection access. Documenting your local circumstances allows us to verify that we are continuing to provide ETAS lawfully as conditions change for our member libraries. 

We expect significantly fewer libraries to need ETAS due to the pandemic in their fall academic terms, but HathiTrust is committed to providing member libraries with ETAS for as long as there is a disruption in access to their collections due to a temporary, emergency situation such as the global health pandemic. There are now fewer than 100 member libraries using ETAS.  

A webinar with Executive Director, Mike Furlough, addressing ETAS continuation and deactivation scenarios was held June 16. The recording of the session is available on the HathiTrust YouTube channel. For questions, please contact feedback@issues.hathitrust.org.

Bidding Farewell to Eleanor Koehl, Digital Scholarship Librarian

As many are aware, Eleanor Koehl departed HathiTrust on July 28 to take the position of Program Manager for Research Facilitation at UCLA’s Office of Advanced Research Computing. She joined HathiTrust in 2018 in a dual role of Digital Scholarship Librarian at HathiTrust and Associate Director for Outreach and Education on the HathiTrust Research Center (HTRC) team. Eleanor had a significant impact on the development of programs and tools that support scholarly research. She was instrumental in helping to develop and implement HathiTrust’s Non-Consumptive Use Policy. Eleanor built on this work by developing a much-in-demand series of regional workshops for HathiTrust members, and led the redevelopment of this program to an online format following the start of the pandemic.   

Among her other accomplishments, Eleanor managed the HTRC Advanced Collaborative Support (ACS) awards program, including the new Mellon-funded program, Scholar-Curated Worksets for Analysis, Reuse & Dissemination (SCWAReD). She worked with the HTRC Community Advisory Board and consulted with innumerable faculty researchers on their projects. We, and the many scholars that she has worked with over the years, will miss her greatly, and we wish her success in her next role.

Registration Now Open: 2021 HathiTrust Member Meeting

Registration is now open for the virtual 2021 Member Meeting, “Community in a Time of Change,” and many have already received a registration request via email, to which we request a response by October 15. The meeting will again be open to anyone affiliated with a member library. We encourage all members to pass along meeting and registration information to their teams and colleagues.

Virtual Member Meeting: Thursday, October 21, 2021
1:00 PM EDT/10:00 AM PDT - 3:35 PM EDT/ 12:35 PM PDT

2021 Member Meeting agenda  

This year’s shortened format will focus on the annual update from Executive Director, Mike Furlough, and include a keynote address by Kim Gallon(Purdue University, founding HathiTrust member ), who is head of COVIDBlack  and lead on the HathiTrust Research Center/Mellon-funded Advanced Collaborative Support (ACS) project: The National Negro Health Digital Project: Recovering and Restoring a Black Public Health Corpus. (https://wiki.htrc.illinois.edu/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=87785594)

The New Book Viewer, c. 2021

As of August 9, the new Book Viewer is the permanent reading interface for the HathiTrust Digital Library. Feedback on the new Book Viewer has been largely positive. One survey respondent said, “I love that the search results and snippets are shown in the left bar and are persistent.” Several others noted improvements in the “cleaner interface” and “collapsibility of options in the left nav bar.” Based on ongoing user research, the team will make regular updates for optimal performance and feature enhancements. 

For a brief overview of the book viewer tool, watch the Intro to Book Viewer video (5 mins) on our YouTube channel.

Box Folder Migration to Affect All Members

Beginning September 1, 2021, HathiTrust will no longer use Box to store and share member data such as shared print files and Emergency Temporary Access Service usage data. The equivalent service that will replace Box is Dropbox.  HathiTrust is in the process of adjusting its business operations to align with this. As all our members have at least one dedicated folder in Box, the change to Dropbox will impact all members of HathiTrust. Our goal is to prepare your library for this change and to minimize disruption to individuals who currently access these folders.

The following HathiTrust services and processes distribute data that may currently be accessed using a Box link. 

  • Shared Print Program
  • ETAS Usage & Overlap Reports
  • Content Ingest
  • Print Holdings  

We have identified all those individuals at member libraries with access to their institutional Box folders. These individuals are those with whom we will communicate in the coming weeks. We will not be accepting or sharing any of the following files between August 25 and September 1: Content contributions; ETAS USage and Overlap reports; Shared Print; Print Holdings. This pause will allow us to move the files from Box to Dropbox, reconcile any errors, and share new links for accessing DropBox with our member colleagues.

If you have questions about this upcoming change, please contact us at feedback@issues.hathitrust.org and include “Box Migration” in your subject line.

Side-by-Side: HathiTrust U.S. Fed Docs & FDLP

The HathiTrust Federal Documents Advisory Committee has created a side-by-side chart as a reference for HathiTrust member libraries and to promote greater understanding of synergies and complementary features between HathiTrust and the U.S. Government Publishing Office’s (GPO) Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP). The chart provides a high-level summary in terms of organization, policies, content and collections, preservation, access, and services related to published U.S. Federal Documents.

HathiTrust & The Federal Depository Library Program: Comparison Chart (PDF)

More about the HathiTrust U.S. Federal Documents Program

Back to School Resources: HathiTrust 101 Series; Collections; and Search Tips

HathiTrust 101 Webinar Series: New to HathiTrust or Want a Refresher?

This series of webinars introduces services and tools across the HathiTrust organization. From contributing content and integrating HathiTrust catalog records to serving your patrons with print disabilities and in-depth tips on searching the digital library, the HathiTrust 101 series is your back-to-school primer on making the most of your membership.

See the complete HathiTrust 101 series on the HathiTrust YouTube channel.

Collection Builder

Collection Builder in the HathiTrust Digital Library is a feature that allows individuals to create specific collections. Faculty and students may wish to do this to share items with a class, aggregate research titles, or to highlight a collection specific to your institution. Creating a collection also allows you to download basic information about your collection in order to build a workset in the HathiTrust Research Center or to analyze the collection. Learn more about Collection Builder.

Curated Collections

Collections can be made public or private, and many robust collections have been compiled by organizations, institutes, and researchers. Some of the more prominent collections open to the public may be useful in curricula or research. Below are samples of some of the larger curated collections available:

Islamic Manuscripts, University of Michigan Collection

Making of America, Cornell University Library

Negro Universities Press 

Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Women Composers Collection

U.S. Federal Documents - 1.4 Million Items

Other Tips

Remember to login to www.hathitrust.org with your institutional ID to ensure you have access to the most number of titles: for ETAS access and to download full PDFs of items available in the public domain. Make sure to check out the basic crib sheet in Searching and Viewing books in the Help section.

New Acceptable Use Policy 

In keeping with information technology best practices, HathiTrust has published its Acceptable Use Policy to inform users of their rights and responsibilities related to the intended usage of the HathiTrust Digital Library resources. A link to the Acceptable Use Policy appears as a brief banner in the footer of the digital library interface to ensure that all users are aware of and accept the requirement to abide by the policy.

From the Collection: Cornell Land Grant/Statutory College Publications
Cornell University Clock Tower

Caption: A new collection in HathiTrust aggregates a half-century of research from Cornell’s esteemed programs, including the Industrial & Labor Relations archives. 

Collection Title: Cornell University Land Grant/Statutory College Publications 

Authors:  Various

Photo Credit: Provided by the Cornell University Brand Center 

Cornell University brought a century of their agricultural publications online with HathiTrust in 2017 and have again turned to HathiTrust for the preservation of and access to the Cornell community’s publications. The new collection includes publications related to Cornell statutory colleges: Agricultural & Life Sciences (including Cooperative Extension & Agricultural Experiment Stations); Human Ecology; Veterinary Medicine; and Industrial & Labor Relations (IRL). Read more on the project: Online ILR publications open up wealth of workplace wisdom | Cornell Chronicle

For information on using a Creative Commons license to open publications on your campus, watch the HathiTrust 101 video with Kristina Hall, HathiTrust’s Copyright Review Program Manager, or send an inquiry to feedback@issues.hathitrust.org.

News or Research to Share?

If you or a patron at your institution has news to share regarding a publication, presentation, grant, or research underway related to HathiTrust, we’d love to hear about it. Please share with Jessica Rohr, member engagement and communications specialist, at jbelle@hathitrust.org.