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June 2017 Update

Update on June 2017 Activities

June 2017 Update

June 29, 2017

Top News

Wichita State University Joins HathiTrust

We welcome Wichita State University as our newest member.  This brings total membership in HathiTrust to 128. See a list of our total membership here.


2017 Members Meeting Devoted to HathiTrust’s Strategic Directions

HathiTrust member representatives and directors will not want to miss this year's Members Meeting, scheduled for November 2 at the Loews Hotel in Rosemont, IL. This fall HathiTrust will enter its tenth year, and we are marking this milestone by reviewing and developing strategic directions for the next few years. The Board of Governors and Program Steering Committee met in retreat on June 15 and 16  to begin these discussions and plan for their continuation with the membership at the fall meeting and before. We’ll be sharing much more about this important work in the coming weeks and months, and will announce registration details next month. Mark your calendars!

Board of Governors Actions

The HathiTrust Board of Governors met in person on June 15 at the Big Ten Center in Rosemont, IL. At this meeting, the Board appointed five new members to the Program Steering Committee, appointed the 2017 Nominating Committee, and approved the process and schedule for the 2017 Board of Governors elections. Lizanne Payne presented an update on the the success of the first phase of HathiTrust's Shared Print Program, and the Board approved the Program’s MOU and operating policies and guidelines. The agenda also included a discussion of HathiTrust’s budget, fee, and membership models, and reports on the current budget and plans for staffing.  

Board of Governors Appoints Five to Program Steering Committee

At its meeting on June 15, the Board of Governors appointed five new members to the Program Steering Committee for 3-year terms beginning in July 2017. The Call for Nominations yielded 16 nominees. Considerations for appointment included area of leadership and expertise, diversity of institutional perspective, and balance of membership interests. The appointees are: Daniel Dollar, Yale University; Joseph Hafner, McGill University; Sharon Farb, University of California, Los Angeles; Rebecca Lubas, Claremont Colleges; and Sarah Shreeves, University of Miami. A description of the committee, and its current membership, may be found at https://www.hathitrust.org/psc.

Nominating Committee and Election Schedule

HathiTrust members will elect two new governors to the Board in the fall. Nominations will be overseen by the 2017 Nominating Committee: Betsy Wilson, University of Washington (chair); David Banush, Tulane University; Gerald Beasley, University of Alberta; Susan Fliss, Smith College; and Carolyn Walters, Indiana University. The call for nominations to the ballot will open on July 24 and conclude on August 14, and the election will run from September 5-25.    


HathiTrust Collections Committee Appointments for 2017-2020

The HathiTrust Program Steering Committee is pleased to announce the appointment of two new members of the Collections Committee, starting three-year terms in July 2017: Jo Anne Newyear Ramirez of University of California, Berkeley and Denise Hibay or New York Public Library.  The Program Steering Committee received thirteen nominations for consideration and reviewed these in light of current priorities of the Collections Committee and the expertise of continuing members.


HathiTrust Libraries Propose to Retain More Than 16 Million Volumes in Shared Print Program

Fifty HathiTrust member libraries have proposed to retain more than 16 million volumes for 25 years under the HathiTrust Shared Print Program. These volumes correspond to more than 4.8 million individual book titles held in the HathiTrust Digital Library (about 65% of all HathiTrust digital monographs). This is a significant step toward the primary goal of the program: to ensure that print copies of all HathiTrust digital holdings remain available to scholars for many years to come. The Shared Print Program is a core program of HathiTrust, supported by and benefitting all of more than 120 HathiTrust members. Read the full post here.

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