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May 2022 Update

Denise Pan Appointed Chair of Program Steering Committee
Welcome to New Program Steering Committee Members
Coming Soon: July 11-15 HathiTrust Community Week
HathiTrust Shared Print Program Phase 3
Welcoming New Members to Shared Print Advisory Committee
From the Collection: HathiTrust & Library of Congress Classifications
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Denise Pan Appointed Chair of Program Steering Committee

At their May 3 meeting, the Board of Governors appointed Denise Pan, Associate Dean of Collections and Content at the University of Washington (HathiTrust member since 2010), to a two-year term as Chair of the Program Steering Committee (PSC) beginning July 1, 2022. Pan has served on the PSC for the past two years. She will be replacing Karla Strieb, Associate Dean, Content and Access at The Ohio State University (HathiTrust founding member since 2008). Strieb has served as Chair for the past four years and has served on PSC for a total of six years. “Karla has had a huge impact on PSC and on HathiTrust as a whole,” said Mike Furlough.   “During her four years as PSC chair she refreshed our approach to working groups and task forces, and oversaw the development of important work related to collections strategy, metadata strategy, and user engagement strategy.  We are in a great position to continue delivering on our strategic directions, thanks to Karla.” 

Karla Strieb says, “Denise has been a strong contributor to our group for two years now and is thoroughly grounded in our work as a Committee and the broader work of HathiTrust. I know she has a strong vision for the future and success of the group and of HathiTrust. I am very satisfied to leave the group in such capable hands.


Welcome to New Program Steering Committee Members

The Board of Governors approved the appointment of the following five candidates to serve on the Program Steering Committee (PSC) for three years, beginning July 2022: 

  • Mohammad M. Alhamad, E-Resource Strategist and Head of Library Information Technology, Missouri State University  (HathiTrust member since 2022)

  • Emy Decker, Associate Dean for Research Services and Information Technology, The University of Alabama  (HathiTrust member since 2013)

  • Alison Hitchens, AUL for Collections, Technology, and Scholarly Communication, University of Waterloo  (HathiTrust member since 2020)

  • Nerea Llamas, AUL for Collections Strategy and Content, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill  (HathiTrust member since 2010)

  • Erin Stalberg, Associate Director for Collections, Massachusetts Institute of Technology  (HathiTrust member since 2010)

HathiTrust thanks departing PSC members: 

  • Daniel Dollar, Associate University Librarian for Scholarly Resources, Yale University (2017-2022)

  • Liz Gushee, Associate Dean, Digital Strategies, University of Miami (2019-2022)

  • Joseph Hafner, Associate Dean, Collection Services, McGill University (2017-2022)

  • Harish Maringanti, Associate Dean for IT & Digital Library Services, University of Utah (2019-2022)

  • Karla Strieb, Associate Dean, Content & Access, The Ohio State University (2016-2018; Chair 2018-2022)


Coming Soon: July 11-15 HathiTrust Community Week

HathiTrust Community Week is back! During the week of July 11, members of our wider community will come together virtually to share projects, research, and workshops related to HathiTrust with other members of the community. These sessions are geared towards people who have an interest in or responsibility for HathiTrust at their own institutions. The proposals are in and we'll soon publish the schedule and registration for sessions that include using HathiTrust resources in subject-specific LibGuides, text and data mining, collection strategy, assessment, and promoting HathiTrust to your campus and library community. Stay tuned!


HathiTrust Shared Print Program Phase 3

The HathiTrust Shared Print Program turns five this year and will launch Phase 3, the “Unique Non-Circulating Collection.” Building on earlier phases, which established initial retention libraries and focused on collection analysis, this phase will center on securing commitments on unique, non-circulating, single-part monographs held in our digital library and at member institutions. 

Phase 3 will be an iterative process that will secure unique items from our retention libraries already in the public domain; held by 1-2 member libraries; and are non-circulating. Later this year, we’ll invite current participants of the Shared Print Program to partner with HathiTrust to help us scope the service and define policies and procedures. 

In addition to linking the preservation of print and digital collections, and addressing the higher levels of risk associated with circulating shared print items, this project empowers our members to help them begin to identify unique materials in their own collections. 

Read the complete press release and find more information about Phase 3 on the HathiTrust website.

Welcoming New Members to Shared Print Advisory Committee

Beginning in June, we welcome new members to the Shared Print Advisory Committee. Along with the other members of the group, they will help lead HathiTrust into the third phase of the Shared Print Program early this summer. 

Beth Blanton-Kent, University of Virginia (HathiTrust member since 2010) 2-year term

Trish Chatterley, University of Alberta (HathiTrust member since 2013) 3-year term

Misty Hopper, Texas State University (HathiTrust member since 2018) 3-year term

Interested in joining the Shared Print Program or discussing how you can enhance your participation? Contact Shared Print Program Manager, Heather Weltin, at weltin@hathitrust.org

From the Collection:  HathiTrust & Library of Congress Classifications

Library of Congress Call number book spines

With 17.5 million items from 60+ contributing institutions collected over hundreds of years, the breadth and depth of our shared digital collection is extraordinary. One way to understand the scope of the collection is to explore the Library of Congress classifications shown here: https://www.hathitrust.org/visualizations_callnumbers.

The call number visualizations represent about 60-65% of the entire corpus. 

In the News, Publications, and Research

Carr, Tabitha; Nykolaiszyn, Juliana; and Reinman, Suzanne. 2022. “Contributing to HathiTrust on a Smaller Scale.” DttP: Documents to the People vol. 50 no. 1. Spring 2022.