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Member Meeting Program Planning Committee Charge

The Member Meeting Program Planning Committee includes both HathiTrust staff and representatives from HathiTrust members.  Members include a member of the  Board of Governors, at least one member of the Program Steering Committee, two or three potential or previous attendees, and HathiTrust staff members who facilitate the group’s work and ensure its execution.  In selecting participants, attention should be given to diversity of professional experience, expertise, backgrounds, and institutions. 


  • Leads in planning, development, and execution of a robust HathiTrust Member Meeting program.  Among its duties, the Committee will:

  • Consult feedback from attendees of previous meetings. 

  • Clarify the intended audience for the event and develop a program appropriate for that audience.

  • a theme and meeting objectives related to  the HathiTrust’s mission, services, programs, and/or Strategic Directions, and relevant related topics in librarianship. 

  • Suggest relevant agenda topics, presentations, interactive sessions, speakers, panels that relate to the theme; Recommend individuals or members to collaborate on specific topics.

  • Contribute to decision making regarding meeting logistics to support the agenda and member engagement.

  • Promotes, plans for, and follows the Member Meeting Code of Conduct.

  • Provides insight into Membership-wide needs and interests. 

  • Represents various members/audiences while considering the needs of the Membership as a whole.


  • Attend regular meetings, advise HathiTrust staff, contribute ideas, and provide feedback.

  • Act as a champion for the Member Meeting with peers and colleagues and partner with HathiTrust staff on communication efforts.

  • Provide input on recommended next steps for future annual meeting(s).

  • May be asked to moderate, introduce, or briefly present at the Meeting itself.

  • HathiTrust staff are responsible for developing the ideas and recommendations of the full Committee, handling logistics of the meeting itself, and organizing all its on-the-ground functions.

Time Commitment

  • The full committee will meet monthly, using Zoom: 1 hour.

  • HathiTrust staff on the Planning Committee will meet at least once per month between meetings of the full Committee.

  • Staying informed of status, review of materials, attending targeted working sessions, contribute to deliverables: Representatives: 1-2 hours per month; Staff: 2-3 hours per month

  • Tentatively lead a session or session(s) of the Member Meeting Program 

  • Term: January - December. The term of office for the committee members begins in January of the calendar year in which the committee is planning, and ends at the conclusion of that year.


  • Jessica Rohr will organize and facilitate the Committee meetings and will be accountable for the group completing its assigned tasks. 

  • Melissa Stewart ( mmstewa@hathitrust.org) and HathiTrust staff will be HathiTrust contacts for Program Planning Committee activities.

  • Meeting scheduling, agenda and meeting notes: Recurring monthly meetings. Staff-only meet monthly in between meetings with the full committee.  Agenda and pre-read materials will be sent at least 3 days in advance. Google doc with running agendas and notes will be attached to the meeting invitation. 

  • Decision making: HathiTrust will use input from the Planning Committee when making key decisions.  In some cases, the committee will refer or inquire with other committees  to resolve issues, review impacts, and make a final decision.