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November 3, 2020
Updated with links to ETAS-related promotions.

The HathiTrust Member Toolkit is a suite of materials designed to make it easier for you to promote HathiTrust Digital Library and its resources to your patrons.

The toolkit contains introductory items offering the basics of accessing and using the HathiTrust Digital Library, as well as tailored information for students and faculty/researchers. Other items and formats will be added to the toolkit over time. 

Use a combination of methods to bring HathiTrust to your patron’s attention, convey basic information about HathiTrust, and incorporate HathiTrust into your existing outreach strategies. Some suggested uses are below. All materials are CC0-licensed.

How to Use the Member Toolkit

  • Print and distribute items to students or faculty 

  • Include content or links in your library publications or website

  • Provide reference staff copies of the Access Chart and Search Tips

  • Show the How and Why to Login to HathiTrust or Discovering HathiTrust videos during classroom visits or as part of workshops on library resources

Member Toolkit: Introductory Edition

Info sheet for Faculty/Researchers (PDF) A Word doc is linked at the end of the page.

Info sheet for Students (PDF) A Word doc is linked at the end of the page.

Access Chart and Search Tips (PDF)

Video: Logging in to 17 Million Items: How and Why to Log in to HathiTrust (5 mins)

Video: Discovering and Re-discovering HathiTrust (58 mins)

For information on promoting the Emergency Temporary Access Service, see the ETAS members section of the website.

Additional outreach resources available on the HathiTrust Research Center.

Resources for Library Staff

Register for the Accessible Text Request Service to permit patrons with print disabilities access to the full corpus

Integrate HathiTrust Items into Your Catalog 

Deposit Content into HathiTrust

HathiTrust 101 Video Series: Sept. 2020

Introduction to HathiTrust: More Than a Digital Library
Recording available on the HathiTrust YouTube Channel

Accessible Text Request Service 101: Serving Patrons with Print Disabilities
Recording available on the HathiTrust YouTube Channel

Discovery & Access 101: Integrating Records into Your Catalog
Recording available on the HathiTrust YouTube Channel

Ingest 101: Contributing Content to HathiTrust
Recording available on the HathiTrust YouTube Channel


If you are looking for something and don’t see it, please send your suggestion to feedback@issues.hathitrust.org or Jessica Rohr jbelle@hathitrust.org. If it’s not already available, we will add it to the list for future items. 


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