A project of the University of Michigan Library

Michigan Publishing, the University of Michigan's library-based publishing enterprise, has been using DLXS for many of its publishing needs, but the system’s architecture constrains its ability to support the structure of journals and the features that Michigan Publishing wishes to offer for its publishing services. In order to grow, Michigan Publishing needs a platform free from these constraints.

HathiTrust, a shared digital repository, is archiving and providing access to reformatted library holdings and monographs submitted by university presses at partner institutions. Since libraries are increasingly involved in open-access publishing of journals, HathiTrust is a natural place to archive and provide access to born-digital publisher content to ensure its long-term preservation and discoverability.

There is growing interest in developing shared infrastructure for university-based publishing, so we have the potential to seize this opportunity. Therefore, the University of Michigan Library is funding the development of a package of tools called mPach for publishing journals in the HathiTrust repository. For more information on this package, see the mPach website.

The HathiTrust monthly newsletter updates feature reports on the progress on the development of mPach, which are archived in the list of mPach Project Updates.

Project timeline

Date of completion Milestone
September 2011 Design principles and requirements
August 2012 METS spec for SIP
May 2013 Mapping for MARC analytic records
February 2014 Prepper running in the HathiTrust Development Environment
Fall 2014 Sample journal articles are discoverable in the HathiTrust full-text and catalog search
Early 2015 Announce availability of mPach for use by other HathiTrust member institutions