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Access to Out-of-Print and Brittle or Missing Items

Updated January 5, 2021

This service is working in a pilot form at the University of Michigan only.  


HathiTrust offers users at a pilot member institution, the University of Michigan, access on a limited basis to works in HathiTrust where print copies of the works held currently or previously by Michigan fall under Section 108 conditions: where the print copies of the works are damaged, deteriorating, lost or stolen, and a copy is not available on the market at a fair price. Users using computers with IP addresses known to be physically present in libraries on campus at the University of Michigan have access to the service. 

HathiTrust has explored how to extend this service to additional members but there is no target date for broader service at this time. 

How it works

Members regularly submit information about their print holdings to HathiTrust, for fee calculation purposes and for the Emergency Temporary Access Service where eligible. The print holdings data includes information about the holdings status and condition of works. HathiTrust can use the holdings status and condition information, in combination with information about the market availability of works stored in the HathiTrust rights database and information about the user's physical location in a library, to determine whether or not access to applicable in-copyright works is allowed. Users must access HathiTrust from the premises of a member institution library, and simultaneous access is limited to the number of copies held by the institution for a limited period of time.

The full set of conditions for provision of this service exists only for the University of Michigan at this time, and only a few thousand works are recorded as being unavailable on the market so far. We are exploring how to implement the service for other members and how to expand the list of out-of-print items. 

Please contact us with any questions at feedback@issues.hathitrust.org.