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Partnership Checklist

Please see How to Join for a step-by-step guide to becoming a HathiTrust member.

1. Partnership contract (Required) - See Eligibility and Agreements

2. Print holdings information (Required) - Print holdings information is required at the time institutions join HathiTrust. View requirements.

3. Member Representative (Required) - Article III of the HathiTrust Bylaws (http://www.hathitrust.org/documents/hathitrust-bylaws-201302.pdf) states that "Members shall designate a member representativefrom the executive leadership of the Member Institution." We would like for each institution or consortium to indicate who their one representative will be (e.g., library director/dean of libraries). The primary role of the member representative is to exercise on behalf of the member institution the powers reserved to members as outlined in Article IV, Section 7 of the Bylaws. The member representative is also responsible for updating HathiTrust if someone else at the institution becomes the representative (notifications should be sent to feedback@issues.hathitrust.org).

4. Shibboleth (Required to receive authenticated partner services) - We need partners to release particular attributes to our service provider to enable login for users at your institution. Information about the attributes and Shibboleth in general is available at http://www.hathitrust.org/shibboleth. Once the attributes are released, our Shibboleth team at the University of Michigan will walk you through the steps to test. We will want a formal contact, including email address and optional phone number, that our User Support group and staff at the University of Michigan can use to report problems (as well as details of any preliminary investigation that has been done) that they receive from your users about logging in.

5. Primary contact (Required) - We would like to establish a primary HathiTrust administrative contact. The contact will be added to an email list that has generally been used to disseminate official communications such as calls for working group members, announcements about events (including webinars and partner events such as the Constitutional Convention). The list would also be used for issues around security (see John Wilkin's Message on Security, posted in the September 2010 update: http://www.hathitrust.org/updates_september2010). Expected time commitments for this role are low.

6. Press release - Institutions in general have been responsible for their own press releases, but we have prepared a template (http://bit.ly/eGDYNQ) that can be used or taken from if desired.

7. Institutional description - This may be included in the press release, but we would like a short paragraph or statement about your library (or libraries) to post on our website at http://www.hathitrust.org/community. We would also like a general description (subject areas, etc.) of any content that you plan to contribute.

8. Outages contact - We would like to identify a contact to notify should we plan or experience an outage for HathiTrust services.

9. Communications contact - The Communications group has established a list of contacts at institutions to 1) act as a conduit for HathiTrust news, announcements, documentation, instructional handouts and other messages and materials to library staff and other groups as appropriate and 2) if called on, assist the Communications Working Group in identifying local channels for communications and information sharing. This person would ideally be someone who already plays a role in internal (as opposed to external PR-type) communications. Expected time commitments for this role are low.

10. Google Analytics contact (optional) - HathiTrust tracks usage of its web applications using Google Analytics (e.g., how many visitors accessed HathiTrust from Internet Explorer browser, how many searches were submitted in the catalog search). If there is interest in accessing these analytics, we would need to identify a staff member(s). Access to Google Analytics may require a gmail address (some people use a gmail address to access Google apps, some are able to use their institutional email). If the contact requires use of gmail for accessing Google apps, please supply that as well as their university email address.

11. User Experience Special Interest Group (optional) - The User Experience Advisory Group has a special interest group for staff at HathiTrust partner institutions who have interest and experience in usability, interface design, and user research. In addition to being a place for user experience-related discussions, the group will act as a base for the User Experience Advisory Group to solicit volunteers for various short-term activities related to the HathiTrust user interface (e.g., contribute to personae and use cases, provide feedback on proposed site changes, join a task force project). There is no implied commitment in joining the group unless a member chooses to participate in a project. This group uses Google Groups to manage the email list so a gmail address may be required to access (some people use a gmail address to access Google apps, some are able to use their institutional email). If the contact requires use of gmail for accessing Google apps, please supply that as well as their university email address.

12. Institutional IP addresses - We are using IP ranges to display a message in HathiTrust interfaces indicating to users that your institution is a member of HathiTrust (the message appears in the bottom left corner and says


Member, HathiTrust