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Program Steering Committee Nominations

The Board of Governors welcomes nominations to fill a two-year term on the Program Steering Committee, commencing in August 2015. Nominations may be submitted by Member Representatives, but self-nominations are also welcome. Nominees should be at the AUL or senior management level to ensure an appropriate level of experience in the issues at hand.

Nominations should include the name, title, and institution of the nominee, and a short description of their qualifications for the appointment. Please send nominations to Melissa Stewart (mmstewa@hathitrust.org) with the subject line "HT PSC Nomination." by Friday July 17, 2015. Sarah Michalak, Past Chair of the Board of Governors and Chair of the Nominating committee is coordinating the nominations and appointment process.

The Program Steering Committee "Reviews HathiTrust’s development agenda, shaping initiatives and strategies for Board discussion and decision-making, and considering the implications of those initiatives for the future." TheCommittee meets virtually roughly biweekly, and may hold one to two in-person meetings per year. Much of the Committee's work is carried out through working groups or task forces formed to address specific issues and initiatives. For more information, see http:// www.hathitrust.org/psc