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Renewal ID data file

Information on the use of this metadata is available under Data Availability and APIs.

The data file for download is available at https://www.hathitrust.org/files/CRMSRenewals.tsv.

The “Renewal ID data file” is a tab-delimited file that contains a US copyright renewal registration number in connection with a HathiTrust volume identifier. This data resulted from CRMS-US copyright reviews. In the context of CRMS historical copyright review data, a Renewal ID might represent a renewal registration for the exact edition, for a prior edition of the work published 1923 and later, or for partial content within the volume such as a short story.  Some of the Renewal IDs we have collected will have begun expiring in 2019, so items may have a Renewal ID but based on the date of publication be public domain.

This file will be updated monthly with new copyright Renewal IDs discovered through our ongoing copyright review project. The file contains a version date to indicate most recent version as the file name will remain the same.

File format:

The file is tab-delimited. There are no multiple occurrences of a data element. Here are descriptions of the data elements present in the file.

Data elementDescription
Volume IdentifierFully qualified item identifier. This is composed of a namespace prefix that identifies the originating institution and the originating institution’s unique identifier for the volume (e.g. barcode), separated with a dot.




This ID can be used to construct a handle or other link that provides access to the item. If you are providing access via the University of Michigan handle server, handles can be constructed as follows: http://hdl.handle.net/2027/volume_identifier For example : http://hdl.handle.net/2027/bc.ark:/13960/t16m5jr8c
Renewal ID

Renewal registration number assigned by the US Copyright Office to a registered work when its US copyright term was renewed 28 years following publication.*




The Renewal ID can be used to search Stanford Copyright Renewal Database and look up additional data that is part of the renewal registration such as title of the registered work, names of authors of renewable matter, edition statement, number of volumes if more than one, series title when useful as an aid in locating work, brief statement of new matter on which the original copyright was claimed, date of original copyright, original registration number, name of renewal claimant, and date of receipt of the renewal application or fee.

*Research done by New York Public Library on the Catalog of Copyright Entries has shown that registration numbers were reused at times.

Renewal Date

The date of receipt of the renewal application or fee, whichever is later. In most cases it should be 28 years after the original copyright registration however it can differ by a year in either direction. This format of the Renewal Date is exactly as it comes from Stanford Copyright Renewal Database which should also be transcribed from the same format used in the Catalog of Copyright Entries.