Strategic Advisory Board Meeting Minutes - August 18, 2011

Members present: Todd Grappone, Sarah Pritchard, Paul Soderdahl, Ed Van Gemert , John Wilkin, Bob Wolven

Members absent: John Butler, Patricia Cruse, Julia Kochi

1. The July 22, 2011 SAB minutes were approved as revised.

2. Update on HT development, John Wilkin.

  • Membership continues to increase with over 60 member institutions today.
  • Soon to be over 9.5 million volumes in the digital repository.
  • Work continues on the process for reviewing orphan works. Encouraging to see about 20 institutions indicating support. Authenticated users from HT institutions that have selected to grant their users access to orphan works will see orphan works appear as full view beginning in October.
  • The work on a holdings data base is going well with lots of cooperation from member institutions. Data acquired is helping to support the new cost model.
  •  High priority enhancements were recently implemented including improved display of collections, the ability to search collections by title and description, and the ability to filter collections by their featured status and new full text features last time of update, number of items, and whether or not they belong to the current authenticated user. The faceting of search results and improved relevance ranking of results have also been added.
  • A mobile version of the catalog and reader is now available at
  • Users at partner institutions who are certified as having a print disability will soon be eligible to view the full text of all in copyright volumes in HahtiTrust that are or had previously been held in the partner institution’s library system. This is a significant accomplishment for HathiTrust.

3. HT Print Repository Proposal, Bob Wolven

  • Bob reviewed updates to the draft from the Collections Committee. 
  • The SAB discussed the reporting relationship with the Collections Committee.
  • Further discussed the draft ballot proposal which is intended to plan and implement a distributed print monograph archiving program for HathiTrust member libraries.

4. HT Print Disabilities update, Paul Soderdahl

SAB reviewed and discussed Paul’s “Draft Overview of the HathiTrust Functionality for Users with Print Disabilites” Chart.  It was mentioned by several committee members that the chart is very helpful when used to explain the process to staff helping them to better understand services planned for unautheticated users, authenticated users without print disabilities and authenticated users with print disabilities.  It was suggested that a statement might be added such as, “You need a procedure in place to certify a user.  Normally that comes through student disability services”.

5. Constitutional Convention discussion—How best to structure Session #2.

  • The Executive Committee clarified its desire to have SAB members present at the Constitutional Convention whether or not they are part of an official delegation.  The SAB is a primary governance group, and its members should be present if at all possible.  Individual institutions are expected to pay travel expenses.
  • Session #2 is scheduled for 2:30-4:00 on October 8, the first day of the convention.  The Executive Committee and the SAB agrees on the importance of presenting the Ithaka report to the membership early in the convention’s agenda.  However, Roger Schonfeld from Ithaka is not able to be with us on October 8. He does plan to join us on October 9.  It was suggested, and the SAB agrees to proceed with Session 2 as planned with SAB members on the panel.  Ed Van Gemert, SAB chair, will select several SAB members to join him in presenting the major issues represented in the review.  SAB panel members will also use this time to reflect their own views on accomplishments, progress made, and the future of the digital repository, based on their acquired experiences on the Board.  It was referred to the Constitutional Conventional Planning Committee to find a presentation slot for Roger Schonfeld on the October 9 agenda.
  • The SAB reiterated that partners may submit proposals for the Convention on any topics including the new cost model that is planned to take effect in 2013.