Strategic Advisory Board Meeting Minutes - July 19, 2012

1. The SAB provided its provisional approval to the "Recommended Metadata Correction Policy" presented by the Zephir team from CDL. The Zephir team (Lynne Cameron, Kathryn Stine, and Patricia Martin) will rework and then resubmit the policy language based on the following feedback provided to them by the SAB. The SAB identified the main policy issues from which metadata correction processes can be developed:

  1. The institution of record will be encouraged to update changes in a bibliographic record and then resubmit the record to HT, and
  2. Provisional, unilateral changes to a record will be made when time is of the essence, e.g., rights determinations based on incorrect bibliographic metadata.

2. The SAB provided the Board of Governors its final draft of the "HathiTrust Services Committee Charge." The SAB has seen the need for focused attention on the end-user for some time. The goal is to provide an evidence-based service development plan for the HT community. The SAB seeks Board approval.

3. The SAB had an opportunity to discuss the CRL proposal. In principle, the SAB fully supports strategic partnerships including preservation and access to content that is useful to the HT partnership and beyond. The SAB, for example, is enthusiastically supportive of a government documents effort. These partnerships, however, must not jeopardize or sacrifice the common good mission of HathiTrust. For example, free and open access to Public Domain material is fundamental to the partnership. The SAB first seeks the guidance of the Board of Governors on an overall partnership strategy before engaging in specific initiatives.