Strategic Advisory Board Meeting Minutes - May 19, 2011

Members present:  John Butler, Tricia Cruse, Bernie Hurley, Paul Soderdahl, Ed Van Gemert (recorder), John Wilkin, Bob Wolven.

Members absent:  Sarah Pritchard

Guests present:  Ithaka S+R staff:  Matt Loy, Roger Schonfeld, Kate Wittenberg

1. Ithaka S+R update and progress report:  Matt Loy, Roger Schonfeld, Kate Wittenberg

  • SAB reviewed the final version of the HathiTrust Survey of Participating Library Representatives.
  • The SAB clarified the timeline for receiving the Ithaka S+R report.  The Ithaka S+R/HT agreement has the SAB receiving an initial draft on 17th June, with two weeks of comment from the SAB and Executive Committee, followed by two weeks of continued editing by Ithaka S+R, with the final draft coming to the SAB on  the 15th of July. This is slightly different from the language in the draft Constitutional Convention agenda and it needs to be aligned accordingly.
  • SAB also reviewed and provided input on the series of interview questions for the HathiTrust non-participating libraries.

2. Development Updates:  John Wilkin

  • HathiTrust is near completing all of the original functional objectives.
  • John Wilkin reviewed recent new partner activity and interest; summarized implementation of page turner improvements which enable thumbnails, embedding material into course lists and mobile strategies; and also briefed the SAB on progress made by the CIC print disabilities working group.

3. Review/discuss draft agenda for the October 8-10 Constitutional Convention.

  • The SAB recommended three modifications to the draft for Executive Committee consideration.
  • They are:
    • In Session #1.  In addition to reviewing HT accomplishments, add brief comments regarding challenges facing the partnership.
    • In Session #1.  Include a brief recap of the ground rules for the Constitutional Convention.  Describe how the agenda lays out along with expectations for the participants.
    • Reconsider the purpose of the 90 minute Session #4 Calibration. Consider instead breaking up those 90 minutes into three 30 minutes sessions to be added to Sessions 3 (Governance), 5 (Administration) and 6 (Finance).  Pause at the conclusion of each of those 90 minute sessions.  Use the additional 30 minute calibration session to review, organize, summarize each of those three sessions.  We think this could result in more focused, organized discussions.
    • The SAB also commented on the need to articulate a process for ingesting ballot initiatives prior to the Convention.  What will the ballot initiatives look like?  Will we seek ballot initiatives that require a “yes” or “no” answer?  How will ballot initiatives received at the Convention be processed and communicated to the membership?  It is also anticipated that ballot initiatives may emerge from the HathiTrust 3-year review being prepared by Ithaka S+R.

4. Disbanding DIWG and plans for next steps for a “Services” Committee.

  • John Butler described completion of the core implementation work of the Discovery Interface Working Group.  It is the point to break off strategic work from support and maintenance.  The SAB voted to disband the DIWG.  The SAB Chair and the HT Executive Director will notify and thank each of the members for their work.
  • A small working group led by John Butler including Tricia Cruse and Paul Soderdahl agreed to draft an initial charge outlining the focus of the work for a new Services Committee.  The work of this new committee will primarily focus on end user services.

The SAB is scheduled to meet next on June 16 with more details to follow.