Strategic Advisory Board Meeting Minutes - September 15, 2011

Members present: Trisha Cruse (CDL), Julia Kochi (UCSF), Todd Grappone (UCLA), Sarah Pritchard (Northwestern), Paul Soderdahl, (Iowa), Ed Van Gemert (UW-Madison), John Wilkin (HT Exec. Director), Bob Wolven (Columbia)

Members absent: John Butler (Minn)

1. The minutes of the August 18, 2011 SAB call were approved and passed onto Jeremy York for posting on the HathiTrust website.

2. Updates:

Authors Guild lawsuit

It was acknowledged that even though HathiTrust is listed as the first defendant in the lawsuit it will be the five institutions named as co-defendants who will argue the lawsuit. HathiTrust is not a 501 (c)(3) organization, and has no separate legal assets or resources. Legal counsel and communication staff from each of the five universities are working closely together.

Michigan acknowledges the pilot process for determining an orphan is not as good as it should be. The process will be reviewed and improved. Despite the need to modify the workflow process, the principles behind the Orphan Works Project remain based on lawful application of Fair Use and include completely transparent practices. Following modification to the process, the work will continue.

The Executive Committee is finalizing an official public response that will soon be made available.

Constitutional Convention Planning Group

Arising from questions from the Communications working group, John Wilkin and Bob Wolven outlined plans to date for the organization of the convention in October including: the formulation of the agenda, communication during and after, rules of order, facilitation and minute taking.

The Executive Committee received 7 ballot proposals prior to the deadline. A process for capturing and storing proposals that emerge from the floor is being established.

HathiTrust developments

There are now over 9.6m volumes in the digital repository.

OCLC and EBSCO have announced plans to integrate the HathiTrust full-text indexes in their discovery products.

A beta mobile interface for searching and viewing volumes in HathiTrust has been released.

3. Review ballot proposals :

The SAB reviewed and discussed the seven ballot proposals.

4. Revised Session #2 Constitutional Convention agenda:

Ed Van Gemert and Trisha Cruse will represent the SAB in presenting the Three Year Review to the membership. In addition to summarizing the findings and data presented by Ithaka S+R, Ed and Trisha will also provide SAB perspectives of the work done to date and opportunities and challenges facing the partnership.

5. Discussion: issues that did not emerge in ballot proposals:

The SAB did not have time for this discussion. Bob Wolven will summarize his ideas via email to the group for a later discussion.

Sarah Pritchard reported on the Communications Working Group, which brought forward questions about, 1) how communication about the results of the ConCon would be handled, and 2) what higher levels of review might be needed for any text added to the web site commenting on the Authors' Guild lawsuit.