Deposited Volumes by Original Source of Content - Monthly Statistics

Number of volumes deposited in the previous month, arranged by original source of content. These statistics are updated on the first of each month. See also a visualization of currently deposited content.

Institution (link to catalog)DecTotal
American University of Beirut0790
Boston College1976,427
Brooklyn Museum02
Columbia University157127,977
Cornell University257597,936
Duke University014,144
Emory University71,867
Harvard University17846,030
Indiana University81548,526
Keio University293,300
Knowledge Unlatched0102
Library of Congress0108,892
McGill University01,410
Michigan State University239,012
Millennium Project011
Minnesota Digital Library021,218
New York Public Library0340,346
North Carolina State University03,196
Northwestern University11206,159
Pennsylvania State University8427,467
Princeton University4256,632
Private Donor03
Purdue University047,493
State University System of Florida1512,183
Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute0358
Technical Report Archive & Image Library2,38955,972
Texas A&M University06,604
The Getty Research Institute34249,447
The Ohio State University6,160293,804
The University of Queensland0119
The University of Texas4472,603
Tufts University01,503
Universidad Complutense de Madrid2121,089
University of Alberta076,114
University of California1,0054,359,143
University of Chicago51130,594
University of Connecticut04,637
University of Delaware078
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign6,434775,123
University of Iowa062,955
University of Maryland, College Park2691,163
University of Massachusetts Amherst115,787
University of Miami4747
University of Michigan1044,845,175
University of Minnesota19619,420
University of Missouri - Columbia01,796
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill831,220
University of Notre Dame039
University of Pennsylvania0180
University of Virginia31603,987
University of Washington67575
University of Wisconsin - Madison5571,949
Utah State University Press0166
Wake Forest University01,551
Yale University2625,440

Public Domain (~38%)