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Update on February 2013 Activities

March 8, 2013 Syndicate content

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HathiTrust Bylaws

HathiTrust institutions voted unanimously to accept bylaws put forward by the Board of Governors. The Board will have its first meeting following the acceptance of the bylaws in April.

HathiTrust Research Center Software Release

The HathiTrust Research Center (HTRC) is planning a release of its software infrastructure on March 31, 2013. The release is of two separate cyberinfrastructure stacks, the “HTRC sandbox” and “HTRC production stack”, each loaded with the latest and greatest service components and tools. The “HTRC sandbox” is an open test bed for community experimentation. It contains a subset of public domain volumes. The “HTRC production stack” hosts the full HathiTrust public domain corpus. Both the sandbox and production stack offer the suite of services and tools, with bug fixes and other improvements, that debuted during the September 2012 UnCamp. Looking ahead, a June 2013 release of the HTRC production stack will include the HTRC-Sloan-Cloud in early support of “non-consumptive research”. Non-consumptive research is research in which the content of digital works is read or operated on (“consumed”) in an automated way only; no portions of works are displayed or available to be read by researchers themselves during computation or in computational results.

We welcome anyone to join HTRC email lists for general announcements, technical discussion about the HTRC, or announcements specific to the 2012 UnCamp (see http://www.hathitrust.org/htrc for details on each list).


Local Digitization

HathiTrust provided support to several institutions on use of the HathiTrust ingest tools and issues related to image conversion and metadata.

Internet Archive Digitization

HathiTrust ingested new content from Columbia University, the Library of Congress, Penn State, the University of California, the University of Illinois, and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. HathiTrust also loaded bibliographic records from Boston College in preparation for content deposit.

Working Groups and Committees

Working groups and committees in HathiTrust may have an operational or strategic focus. See http://www.hathitrust.org/working_groups for more information.


User Experience Advisory Group

The User Experience Advisory Group continued to review elements of HathiTrust Web applications identified through user feedback and other means as being in need of improvement.

User Support Working Group

A summary of issues received by the User Support Working Group is given in the table at the end of the update.


Bibliographic Data Management

Staff from the California Digital Library (CDL) and the University of Michigan continued to plan for the transition to Zephir for HathiTrust bibliographic data management. CDL staff began loading records into the Zephir production database.

Copyright Review

A summary of the determinations from HathiTrust copyright review activities in February is given below.


February Overall

Public Domain Determinations

All Determinations

Public Domain Determinations

All Determinations


3,438 7,169 125,185 231,165


2,067 4,048 19,087 35,756


5,505 11,217 144,272 266,921


Staff at the University of Michigan made architectural and procedural decisions related to the creation, storage, and revision of “aboutware” (information about editorial boards, submission policies, etc.) for journals deposited via mPach. Staff finalized journal article ingest procedures, and continued discussions about optimal handling of non-textual content that is embedded in articles or submitted as supplementary material. Staff also reviewed and updated the project timeline.

Development Updates

Full-text Search

HathiTrust received a revised estimated shipping date for high-performance storage that will be used to improve full-text search services. The systems are expected to arrive in March for installation and testing.

Michigan staff made changes to optimize synchronization of the full-text search index from the HathiTrust repository instance in Michigan to its mirror site in Indiana. At the same time, staff performed a full update of the index to be sure that all volumes in the repository were indexed appropriately. Staff developed a process to automatically update the full-text index when print holdings information submitted by partner institutions is updated or added. Staff also continued work to improve relevance ranking of search results.


HathiTrust updated the way URL parameters are sent to Google Analytics in order to improve usage reporting. The change will especially affect full-text searches performed within individual volumes.

Print on Demand

HathiTrust finalized and deployed processes for producing PDFs that are optimized for printing on Expresso Books Machines.

Storage Hardware Replacement Cycle

HathiTrust began processes to replace production web servers at the Indiana data center, and development index and web servers at the Michigan data center. The server upgrades are planned to begin in late March or April.

Website Redesign

Staff developing HathiTrust Web applications continued to implement a unified framework for application code. This work is being done as part of a larger effort to redesign the look and feel of HathiTrust’s Web interfaces. The redesign is scheduled for release in April.


HathiTrust was unavailable for some users from Tuesday, February 26 at 11:45pm to Monday, February 27 at 5:45am due to a network problem affecting the entire University of Michigan campus.

New Growth

As of March 1:

  February Overall
Boston College 0 1,842
Columbia University 643 65,033
Cornell University 305 416,962
Duke University 0 4,523
Harvard University 39 236,027
Indiana University 46 195,202
Library of Congress 1 89,723
North Carolina State University 0 3,196
Northwestern University 0 12,948
New York Public Library 94 259,672
Penn State University 653 45,415
Princeton University 46 251,700
Purdue University 45 44,682
Universidad Complutense 54 111,982
University of California 1,099 3,386,296
The University of Chicago 7 28,540
University of Florida 0 2,068
University of Illinois 4,201 109,306
University of Michigan 11,126 4,629,824
University of Minnesota 5 104,250
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 755 16,588
University of Wisconsin 3,924 554,955
University of Virginia 6 50,805
Utah State 0 117
Yale University 0 23,678
Total 23,049 10,645,334

Public Domain (~31%)

Total* 11,723 3,308,664

* Includes volumes opened through copyright review and rights holder permissions

Summary of Issues Received by User Support

Issue Type February January
Content 430 428


421 414

Non-partner Digital Deposit

1 0


6 10
Cataloging 82 99
Access and Use 96 148


51 85


5 17


1 0

Print on Demand

0 1

Inter-library loan

0 0

Full-PDF or e-copy requests

16 23


7 10

Data Availability and APIs

3 0

Reuse of content

3 4
Web applications 15 27

Functionality problems

3 2

Problems with login specifically

0 0

General Questions about Login

3 4

Partners setting up login

2 4

Usability issues

0 1

Feature requests

4 3
Partner Ingest 1 4
General 74 55


12 20


0 0


62 35
Total 698 761

Most Accessed Volumes

Title #Visits
Quicksand, by Nella Larsen 3,075
Investigation of Korean-American relations: Report of the Subcommittee on International Organizations of the Committee on International Relations, U.S. House of Representatives, October 31, 1978. 3,063
Noblesa catalana : cavallers y burgesos honrats de Rossello y Cerdanya, v.2., by Philippe Lazerme. 2,199
The Conjure-Man Dies: a Mystery Tale of Dark Harlem, by Rudolph Fisher. 2,045
A genealogical record of the descendants of Quartermaster George Colton, by John Milton Colton. 1,762
Bradshaw's handbook for tourists in Great Britain & Ireland, sec.1 1866. 989
United States government organization manual, 1970/71. 975
The blacker the berry: a novel of negro life, by Thurman, Wallace. 942
The Magistrates of the Roman Republic, Vol. 1, by T. Robert S. Broughton. 803
Deutsche Rundschau. v. 1 (1874). 760

March Forecast

  • Continue work to improve relevance ranking for full-text search results.
  • Continue to develop deployment process for full-text search spelling suggestion feature.
  • Continue work on unified Web application framework and website redesign.