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Full-text Search Charge

Approved by the HathiTrust Discovery Interface Working Group, October 23, 2010

HathiTrust introduced large-scale full-text search to end-users in November of 2009. As part of a general effort to increase participation across HathiTrust members in the direction of HathiTrust projects, the HathiTrust Full-Text Search Subgroup (FTSS) is being formed.

The group will be the primary steering agent in shaping and recommending the direction of the future development of Full-Text search. In coordination with the HathiTrust Usability working group and the HathiTrust Discovery Interface Working Group, the group will work to deepen our understanding of the scholarly needs and expectations brought to full-text search; and to chart a course of service refinement and development to meet, if not exceed, those expectations.

Deliverables: Part One

The first task of the group will be to identify and prioritize features and functions anticipated to have immediate high-impact value to users that can be reasonably afforded by the existing technology framework (e.g., integrating facets into full-text search results, presentation of snippet views, etc.). The expectation is that these features and functions can be added quickly to improve the existing system without significant additional resources. A commitment to supplying effort to implement approved recommendations of this phase has been made by the University of Michigan.

Deliverables: Part Two

In addition, with support from the Usability Working group, the FTSS will recommend to the DIWG a framework for an iterative series of projects to understand user needs and to evaluate and improve Full-Text search. Projects that may be recommended as a part of this framework may include (but will not be limited to):

  1. A program for iterative evaluation of the usability, effectiveness, and user satisfaction of Full-Text search and recommendations for improvement based on the evaluations.
  2. An audience analysis for HathiTrust full-text services, and specifically an analysis of how full-text services fits within scholarly workflows

Timeline and Reporting

The chair will report monthly to the DIWG. Initial timelines will be established and
communicated as part of workplan development and will be reviewed with the DIWG at quarterly intervals. Specific work plans and deliverables will be determined in consultation with the DIWG and the Usability working group.


The HathiTrust Discovery Interface Working Group, reporting to the Strategic Advisory Board

Terms of appointment

Members will be appointed for one-year terms with the option of extension.