User Support Working Group Issue Types

Categories of tickets as they are tracked by the User Support Working Group




Issues with the quality of digital volumes. General information about quality in HathiTrust is available at The majority of volumes in HathiTrust were digitized from partner libraries by Google and partners coordinate closely with Google on issues of quality. Many issues that are reported can be addressed in a fairly short time frame (within a couple of weeks). Others are identified in the queue as longer-term fixes (for instance, if an entire volume needs to be scanned) and progress is reviewed periodically.


Questions about HathiTrust collections generally; requests for volumes to be included in HathiTrust; offers of volumes to be digitized and included


Problems with cataloging (e.g., typos, wrong dates, mis-linked OCLC numbers)

Access and Use



Inquiries into the copyright status of volumes that are limited view in HathiTrust and may possibly be in the public domain. This FAQ and our copyright page have additional information about copyright and access in HathiTrust.


Rights holders desiring to open access to their works in HathiTrust. The permissions agreement to open access to works, including with a Creative Commons license is available on our copyright page.


Rights holders requesting that access to volumes be removed in HathiTrust because the work is in copyright. The volumes in question are often ones that are in the public domain and have been opened as such through manual review of compliance with copyright formalities. See HathiTrust's take-down policy.

Print on Demand

Inquiries related to Print on Demand of HathiTrust volumes - either requests for a printed copy or a problem reported with a printed copy specifically

Inter-library loan

Inter-library loan requests

Full-PDF or e-copy requests

Requests for a full-PDF of a volume, or the ability to buy an e-version. Distribution of some volumes in the repository may be restricted because of third-party agreements. Volumes digitized by Google may only be downloaded in full by individuals affiliated with HathiTrust partner institutions. HathiTrust does not sell access to digital copies of works in the repository.


Requests to receive sets of volumes or other data (bib or usage data) from HathiTrust. See Datasets.

Data Availability and APIs

Inquiries related to data retrieval through HathiTrust APIs. See Data Availability and APIs.

Reuse of content

Requests to republish some or all portions of a work, typically in a book or blog. See HathiTrust's Access and Use policies.

Web applications


Functionality problems

Problems encountered in any of the Web applications. These may include broken links, errors encountered when accessing content, throttling during normal activity, etc.).

Problems with login specifically

User reports of problems logging in. Partners login to HathiTrust via a mechanism for inter-institutional authentication called Shibboleth (more information is at Errors with login generally result from Shibboleth configuration issues or issues of privileges at partner institutions.

General Questions about login

For instance, what are the benefits of logging in? Who is eligible to login?

Partners setting up login

Partner institutions setting up the configuration for individuals at their institutions to be able to login

Usability issues

Issues reported with using the site. These are typically reports such as button locations or default behavior of applications being inconvenient or undesirable.

Feature requests

Requests for improvements to HathiTrust services

Partner Ingest

Issues related to ingest of content from partner institutions.




Inquiries related to new partnership


Questions about HathiTrust technical operations and infrastructure


A variety of general questions about HathiTrust, including requests for use of HathiTrust logos, reference questions, inquiries about the value of particular books (this is out of the scope of the help we provide), and others.