Executive Committee Meeting Minutes - April 19, 2010

Present:  Farley, Johnson, King, Kaufman, Wheeler, Wilkin

 1.    Finances

  • Budget review was postponed into next meeting in anticipation of fuller estimates on project 2010 costs.
  • Status report on contract negotiations and interest expressed subsequent to letters of invitation to potential partner institutions.  There has also been interest from several institutions regarding participation using the new “sustaining” partner model laid out in the new financial model.
  • We continue to receive feedback on the new financial model and will make a final call for feedback in the Update on April activities.  An Executive Committee discussion will be scheduled once this feedback has been assembled.

2.    Repository

  • There were no production outages in March.  The “beta” large-scale (full text) search was taken down temporarily during regular maintenance.  Once hardware has been installed at the second site, we will move the full text search to production status and should be able to avoid future maintenance outages.
  • Ingest continued at a lower rate due to reduced rates of digitization.  California continues to work to resolve bibliographic record issues, and once this is complete several hundred thousand volumes will be available. Internet Archive ingest has begun.  We are now also actively working on ingest of some local digitization, based on samples from several partners.

3.    Other technology

  • The Executive Committee discussed the preliminary TRAC review from CRL and particularly questions around financial and organizational issues due to HathiTrust’s distributed model.  The Executive Committee formulated a response to CRL on these issues.
  • Work on Shibboleth was completed and HathiTrust staff members have been in touch with partner institutions about releasing attributes.
  • The Executive Committee discussed the need for a disaster response/recovery plan and concluded that the first iteration of that plan should focus only on the most basic repository services (e.g., not on the discovery services layered on top of object preservation).  We will explore the Kuali Ready tool as one possible mechanism for accomplishing this work.
  • It was noted that we continue to make progress on short- and long-term functional objectives (see, with nearly all items complete or with substantial work done in accomplishing them.

4.    Organizational issues

  • The TRAC process has helped highlight the need for a more fully articulated charge for the Executive Committee.  Executive Committee members made a number of suggestions for key points, and a draft will be prepared for Executive Committee review.

5.    PR and public activities

  • The Executive Committee discussed the need for operational working groups devoted to usability and to communications issues.  With regard to the latter, this need is particularly strong in expanding the HathiTrust message beyond the research library community to scholars.  Charges will be drafted and reviewed, and members will be solicited from partner institutions.

6.    Miscellaneous

  • Wilkin reported on his meeting with OCLC regarding the concept of a "holdings” database.  As noted, the meeting was very productive, and HathiTrust may have a very important opportunity for collaboration with OCLC on this critical piece of infrastructure.