Executive Committee Meeting Minutes - December 3, 2010

Present:  Courant, Johnson, King, Schottlaender, Van Gemert (ex officio), Wilkin

1. Minutes:  The September, 2010 minutes were approved.

2. Finances

  • The HathiTrust budget continues to meet projections.  The HathiTrust budget showed a $131,392 operations deficit (5.23% of revenue), an amount offset by reserves of $1,213,210 designated for future storage replacements. Funds continue to be set aside for replacement costs, as budgeted. HathiTrust’s initial round of storage will be replaced in early 2011. The cost for replacement was lower than projected, which has in turn reduced operational costs. The new cost/GB will be reflected on the HathiTrust website’s cost calculator.
  • The Executive Committee discussed several adjustments to the current budget model.  The Executive Committee approved a separation of the budget into two components, “repository management” and “programmatic costs” in order to distinguish between the minimum cost required to operate the repository and those activities funded as an extension of repository management. The Executive Committee discussed the way that a cost may begin as “programmatic” but evolve into being a “repository management” cost.  Development of the holdings database was discussed as one such example.
  • The new financial model draft FAQ was approved.
  • The Executive Committee approved adding portions of two University of Michigan staff members to the budget in recognition of growing need around integrating and managing partner code contributions. Simultaneously, HathiTrust will actively explore other code management strategies (cf. Sakai and Kuali).
  • The Executive Committee recommended a formal external review of the HathiTrust budget (both the model/representation and the status of funds) prior to the Constitutional Convention.

3. Organizational issues

  • Strategic Advisory Board report: Van Gemert discussed strategies being taken by the SAB for the upcoming 3-year review. The SAB has crafted a framework for the review and has begun assembling a list of possible consultants to aid in performing the review.
  • Wilkin reported on the addition of new members in October, with HathiTrust growing to 52 members, including thirteen Sustaining Partners.
  • The Executive Committee began planning for the 2011 Constitutional Convention, including a brief discussion of possible dates, representatives and venue.

4. Repository

  • Wilkin reported on the status of the technology and ingest for the repository. The repository itself continues to be robust, handling a significant volume of ingest (about 30,000 volumes of new or reprocessed content each day) and user load.  Outages continue to be rare and brief.  
  • Wilkin reported on discussions with CRL regarding the TRAC certification process.  A small number of final pieces of documentation have been requested by CRL, all of which should be prepared by late December.

5. Major discussion items:

  • The Executive Committee reviewed the revised proposal for a HathiTrust Research Center (HTRC) submitted by Indiana University and the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.  The proposal was accepted as amended. Wilkin and Schottlaender will begin work on a Memorandum of Understanding outlining key expectations. Farley will serve as a liaison between the Executive Committee and the HTRC. Executive Committee members will propose additional members for the HTRC advisory board.
  • Due to a lack of time, the Executive Committee was unable to have a full discussion of the proposal for “Incorporating print storage in the HT budget model and activities.” However, the Executive Committee expressed its unanimous support for incorporating in HathiTrust a role in coordinating print storage and agreed that the current proposal should be shared broadly for feedback.
  • The Executive Committee discussed the possibility of integrating searching of HathiTrust’s Solr indexes in Summon. There was strong support for this, as well as for trying to ensure that the indexes can be addressed by other significant library resource discovery solutions. Work will move forward with Serials Solutions to enable the integration of HathiTrust Solr indexes in Summon.  The Executive Committee declined, at the present time, to pursue developing a formal relationship with Serials Solutions regarding special pricing and terms for HathiTrust institutions.