Executive Committee Meeting Minutes - February 5, 2010

Present: Courant, Farley, Johnson, Kaufman, Schottlaender, Van Gemert, Walters, Wheeler, Wilkin

1.    Finances
  • The budget was reviewed.   HathiTrust did not encounter significant new, unplanned costs in December or January.
  • Contract negotiations continue with several new institutions intereted in joining HathiTrust.
  • The Executive Committee discussed the draft public statement on the new cost model and reiterated its support for this new direction.   A public version was released by 12 February.
2.    Repository
  • The repository continues to be robust, with no outages.
  • Ingest was briefly discussed, with particular focus on the Minnesota US federal government documents ingest problems, UC bibliographic records issues, and progress on Internet Archive ingest (see January Update).  The Executive Director also reported on progress in hiring a programmer to assist in data manipulation needed to ingest non-Google book and journal content.
3.    Other technology
  • The monthly review of short- and long-term functional objectives (see showed significant progress in many areas, and in particular the progress on implementing Shibboleth, the expanded charge to the SAB working group on “discovery” to handle usability of the large-scale search system, the TRAC certification process, and work on born-digital content.
  • The Executive Committee discussed the report submitted by the working group charged to explore the value of a 3rd storage instance. Executive Committee members praised the work of the group. A question was raised as to whether the conclusions would have been different had the group operated with a collection-development (rather than a technical sustainability) focus. The Executive Committee has accepted the report and will make it publicly available; there was also a feeling that it would be useful to solicit comments broadly from the membership. The report will also be provided to CRL as part of our TRAC documentation.
4.    Organizational issues
  • Van Gemert reported on the work of the Strategic Advisory Board (SAB). Van Gemert noted a strong, collaborative dynamic emerging in the SAB. The SAB quality working group recommended continuing to filter content coming into the repository based on rough quality metrics; they will be charged to continue reviewing this strategy and its impact. As noted earlier, the SAB’s Discovery Interface Working Group is now expanding its work to focus on large-scale search. The SAB will also be working to establish a Collections Working Group.
5.    PR and public activities
  • Letters of invitation to participate in HathiTrust have gone to the directors of a number of US and non-US research libraries.
6.    Miscellaneous
  • In March, Wilkin will engage in discussions with OCLC on the matter of a system needed to manage a record of current (and withdrawn) print holdings associated with HathiTrust digital copies. This system will be needed for legal uses of some materials (e.g., Section 108) and for calculations under the new cost model.