Executive Committee Meeting Minutes - June 23, 2010

1.    Finances

  • Budget review:  The Executive Committee reviewed the new budget format and the current state of the HathiTrust budget.

(a) Regarding format, progress toward the “emergency reserve” goal will be reflected as a footnote on the summary balance; the budgetary goals on “replacement” will be extended beyond the initial 5-year frame of the initiative; a summary table reflecting our replacement funds and needs will be included on the cover page.

(b) With all current operational and replacement needs met, HathiTrust currently has a small surplus.  The surplus is likely to grow throughout the year due to the possible addition of sustaining partners. 

  • Contract negotiations continue with several institutions. Two more partners are expected to complete agreements in June.
  • We have gathered feedback on the new financial model. Feedback was summarized and presented to the Executive Committee for discussion in August.

2.    Repository

  • There were no outages to the repository during the previous month, and indeed none since we implemented the redundant site.  Redundancy and failover have been critically helpful in ensuring a high rate of system availability for users. 
  • Ingest update:  As of the June 23rd, HathiTrust had reached nearly 6.2m volumes.  Growth will be slow and steady through June and much of July, with a notable jump in public domain titles as volumes from Columbia and NYPL begin to enter the repository.

3.    Other technology

  • We continue to await news on the TRAC audit by the Center for Research Libraries.
  • Support for Shibboleth was publicly released for HathiTrust access services, and we have begun to add partner institutions and services to our authentication and authorization strategies.
  • The large-scale search system was replicated in Indianapolis, which will ensure that this piece of our infrastructure also benefits from site load balancing and failover.  This change will mitigate against outages of the large-scale search service.
  • We continue to explore strategies for ingesting non-Google book/journal content.  Ingest from Internet Archive is relatively straightforward now, and we are using samples from several partner institutions to help build a policy and technical framework.  We hope to have most pieces in place by late summer.
  • A team of faculty and technical staff from several partner institutions is reaching a conclusion on a strategy for establishing a research center.  They will submit a proposal to the Executive Committee in the first week of July.

4.    Organizational issues

  • The Executive Committee approved charges and membership for a Communications Working Group and a Usability Working Group; a formal version of the Executive Committee charge was also approved.
  • SAB Update: 

(a) Van Gemert reviewed SAB activities by the HT Discovery Working Group and the HT Error Rate Working Group, and gave the Executive Committee a sense of the sorts of questions that might be coming from these groups.

(b) The Executive Committee approved a charge and membership for an SAB working group on Google Surrogates.

  • At Van Gemert’s request, the Executive Committee discussed the need to expand the Strategic Advisory Board in response to a growing SAB work agenda and SAB liaisons to active work.  The Executive Committee approved the addition of Bob Wolven, Columbia University, to the SAB.
  • After consultation with several member representatives, we will schedule the Constitutional Convention in October 2011.  Additionally, the Strategic Advisory Board will begin its formal review of HathiTrust in January 2011 with a goal of completing its report in March 2011.

5.    PR and public activities

  • No activities

6.    Miscellaneous

  • Consecutive meetings of the Executive Committee and the Strategic Advisory Board are being planned for September 23-24 in Chicago.