HathiTrust Executive Committee Minutes - June 3, 2011

Present: Courant, Farley, Johnson, Kaufman, King, Schottlaender, Van Gemert (ex officio), Wheeler, Wilkin

1. Minutes: The April 2011 minutes were reviewed and approved.

2. Finances: Wilkin reported on the HathiTrust budget. Additional storage has been acquired for projected 2011 growth. We continue to project a positive cash balance for both operations and programmatic activities, and an adequate sum for next year’s replacement costs.

3. Organizational issues

  1. Strategic Advisory Board: Van Gemert reported that the SAB agreed to disband the Discovery Interface Working Group. The SAB is replacing this group with a "Services" committee, and several SAB members are now drafting a charge for the group. The Ithaka S+R/HathiTrust agreement for services is now officially approved, and the first payment will be made soon.
  2. HathiTrust Research Center:  Laine Farley, the Executive Committee liaison to the HTRC, reported that an in-person meeting of the HTRC PIs and Farley will take place in California in late June.  Work continues on getting signatures for the MOU between HathiTrust and the HTRC PIs.
  3. Constitutional Convention:  A communication to Constitutional Convention attendees was approved and will be sent to those representatives in mid-June.  We continue to give consideration to the balloting process.
  4. New member institutions:  HathiTrust continues to have interest in membership from new institutions and may add as many as ten new institutions this year.

4. Repository

  1. There continue to be no outages for HathiTrust infrastructure.
  2. Ingest continues to be strong, with approximately 1 million volumes so far this year.  Content from Virginia and Harvard has been ingested.  We should reach and surpass 10 million total volumes this year.

5. Miscellaneous: HathiTrust has funded preliminary work to identify “orphan works.”  These orphan works will be part of the US 1923-1963 materials previous identified by the CRMS process as in-copyright.  Michigan’s Copyright Office has begun the review process and will soon post a list of potential orphans.