Executive Committee Meeting Minutes - November 21, 2011

Present: Courant, Farley, Johnson, Kaufman, King, Schottlaender, Van Gemert (ex officio), Wheeler, Wilkin
1. Election for HathiTrust First Governing Board At-large members:
The Executive Committee concluded the following in support of creating a Board of Governors:
  • The HathiTrust Executive Committee appoints an Elections Committee consisting of five (5) persons by Jan. 1st, 2012.
  • The Elections Committee calls for nominations. Nominees should have a record of significant administrative responsibility and, particularly, demonstrated leadership within the community. It is assumed that the new Board of Governors will be comprised primarily (though not necessarily exclusively) of university librarians and CIOs.
  • Persons who agree to stand for election must submit brief statements of interest to the Elections Committee explaining the reasons for their candidacy and relevant credentials.
  • The Elections Committee assembles the ballot, taking into account factors such as geographical distribution, public/private institution, size of institution and other similar factors.
  • The Elections Committee will select twelve (12) persons for the ballot. Individuals from Founding Member institutions may not be on the ballot. The role, construction and operation of the Elections Committee, including the nature of the ballot and who may vote, must be reviewed within five years of January 31, 2012, by the Governing Board.
  • Votes are cast by partners (i.e., institutions or consortia) and voting will be weighted, using same formula as in Constitutional Convention (i.e., voting weight determined by calculating the square root of the volumes contributed and dollars spent). Minimum vote weights will be rounded up to a value of one (1) so that no institution has a vote with a weight of less than one.
  • Although persons from Founding Member institutions may not run for election, Founding Member institutions will be able to vote for at-large candidates. In the case of consortia, the consortium may choose to allocate the aggregate weighted vote in the consortium (e.g., dividing the votes in some manner among the member institutions).
  • The two candidates with the most votes will serve five-year terms. The candidates with the third and fourth highest vote totals will serve four-year terms. The candidates with the fifth and sixth highest vote totals will serve three-year terms. As terms expire, subsequent elections will be for five year terms. New elections will take place using the same methods beginning in 2015.
  • Should a Board member leave his or her administrative post – e.g., retire as a UL – there will be a special election, using the same rules, to fill the unexpired term.
  • The remaining six (6) Board seats are allocated to California (2), the CIC institutions excluding Indiana and Michigan (2), Indiana (1) and Michigan (1).


  • The Elections Committee call for nominations will run for three (3) weeks, beginning as early in January as possible.
  • The election will open on March 1st and close on March 15th. Results will be announced by March 30
  • New Board of Governors begins its work on April 15th, 2012.