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Millions of Cats in the Public Domain
A lonely couple seeks a feline companion and encounter so many cute options. This illustrated title by Wanda Gág entered the public domain on January 1, as did all the featured titles.
Author Edward L. Bernays is often referred to as the "Father of Public Relations."

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Preserving the Treasures: Shared Print Phase 3 Pilot Outcomes
HathiTrust recently released a complete report on the Phase 3 pilot of its Shared Print Program, which attempts to address the risk associated with circulating shared print items and to empower members by helping them identify unique materials in their collections. 
April 9, 2024
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Automatic Login: Streamlining Login for Member Users
Automatic Login is a way for HathiTrust member libraries to use their institution's authentication system to automatically login users to HathiTrust when they visit our homepage or access titles from a local catalog.
January 16, 2024
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Featured Collections

Edison Collection of American Sheet Music
39,870 items
Sheet music published from 1800 to 1870 in the Edison Sheet Music Collection, gathered by the Edison Phonograph Company and one of the largest collections of American 19th-century music held anywhere. Consists primarily of songs and solo piano works.
Carnegie Institution for Science Publications
3,961 items
20th century publications from Carnegie Institution for Science (formerly known as Carnegie Institution of Washington). Includes annual reports and institution year books and scholarly monographs.
Records of the American Colonies
863 items
Published documents--legislation, court proceedings, records, correspondence, etc.--from the 13 original colonies and their predecessors.