HathiTrust Contributes to Shared Print Blogs on “The Scholarly Kitchen”

Shared Print

March 20, 2024


Authors’ Note: Our goal in writing this blog post is to set the stage for expanding how we think about the future of shared print. We were first inspired to do this by David Crotty’s 2019 post about why community-owned infrastructure needs business strategies. This will be one of a two-part series, the second of which will introduce some ideas for change. We invite our colleagues and peers to engage with us in contemplating these ideas, either via the comment section or offline.

Shared Print & Sustainability Through the Looking Glass

Authors’ Note: This is the second in our two-part series highlighting the need for shared print, as a community of membership programs working in parallel to a common goal of long term preservation and access to print resources, to evolve in order to become a more cohesive and sustainable national effort. The first part highlighted barriers to the sustainability of shared print; here, we propose strategic organizational changes to build a more effective and sustainable shared print system.

Illustration of Alice in Wonderland in which Alice is chasing the Rabbit done a hole.
As depicted by John Tenniel in Chapter Two – The Garden of Live Flowers.