HathiTrust in Discovery Products: Selecting a Database

Tips & Tricks

April 19, 2023

Ever wondered if the HathiTrust site is the only place to find our records? Many vendor discovery products include HathiTrust publicly-available data to make items easier for users to find in their searches. These include but are not limited to:  Summon, EBSCO Discovery Services, Ex Libris Primo, OCLC WorldCat Discovery, Innovative Interfaces Inc Encore. In addition, a number of knowledge bases include HathiTrust data, including EBSCO’s Knowledge Base and OCLC’s WorldShare Collection Manager. Other vendor products may also include HathiTrust data.

These products typically present three HathiTrust database options:
1. HathiTrust content open to read worldwide.
2. HathiTrust content open to read in the U.S. but not the rest of the world.
3. HathiTrust content open to the rest of the world but NOT to the U.S.

In order to make HathiTrust publically-available titles easier to discover, customers of these products should select TWO database options: The first (1) and either (2) or (3), depending upon where you are located. For example: A Canadian library would select (1) and (3), whereas a U.S.-based institution would select (1) and (2).

Any updates to the rights status of items are reflected in our records the day after the change is made in our catalog. However, these third-party discovery databases will update their services according to their own schedules. Questions about these schedules should be directed to the vendors. For more information on HathiTrust data feeds, see the HathiTrust website.