How to Search for Journals or Serials

Tips & Tricks

December 15, 2023

Harper's Bazar, Time, and Good Housekeeping covers from 20th century

Searching for journals or serials in the collection can be tricky sometimes, so we’ve compiled some tips below and a new help article in the HathiTrust Help Center so you can find the resource(s) you are seeking more efficiently.

Start with the Advanced Search option as described below. Additional tips follow. Check out the new help article for a complete overview of searching serials and journals in the collection, including how to improve your search results by creating a personal collection and generating a chronological list of issues for a specific journal or serial.

Use the Advanced Search page to find the journal(s) or serial(s) you are looking for.

  1. Click on “Advanced Search” from the search bar on our main page, or go directly to Advanced Search.

  2. Enter search terms as follows:

    1. Search by “Series” using “all of these words” for the journal or serial title.

    2. Search by “Full Text & All Fields” using “all of these words” for any additional keywords you would like to include, such as part of the article title or a specific topic.

    3. Under “Additional Search Options,” find where it says “Index Options” and check the box that says “Always use the Full Text Index.”

    4. Click on the “Advanced Search” button to perform the search.

Not finding the journal or serial you are searching for? Try these tips to help broaden your search.

  • Remove punctuation from the journal or serial title. For example: Use “Harpers Bazaar” instead of “Harper’s Bazaar.”
  • Try searching for the journal title using the “Title” search option in place of the “Series” search option to see if this alternative search produces the result you are seeking.
  • Remove any quotations that you were using in your search terms.
  • Remove any articles (“a,” “an” or “the” in English, for example) from your search terms.
  • Remove the publication year as well as any volume or issue information from your search terms. For example, “v.20 no.3 1914.”

Read the complete help article, How to Search for Journals or Serials in the Collection, in the HathiTrust Help Center.