Now Open: Nominations for Program Steering Committee

April 13, 2023

Program Steering Committee (PSC)
Number of Seats: 2
Term Length: July 2023-June 2026

Appointees are typically experienced in senior leadership at their member library with initiatives involving metadata, collections, information technology, and/or user experience. See the complete PSC selection criteria and overview. The Board of Governors seeks to make appointments that maximize the diversity of perspectives and values the ability of nominees to contribute a non-dominant cultural perspective.

Nominations may be submitted by Library Directors, Member Representatives, Primary Contacts, or through self-nominations. Nominations should include the name, title, and institution of the nominee, and a short description of their qualifications and interests for the appointment. To minimize confusion, please obtain consent from the nominee prior to submitting a nomination for that individual. Please send nominations to Melissa Stewart ( with the appropriate subject line: “HT PSC Nomination” by Tuesday, April 6, 2021.