April 2024

Committed to the Core: Centering the Collection

Introducing HathiTrust’s New Strategic Vision
Today HathiTrust is excited to announce the release of its new Strategic Vision. Approved by the Board of Governors at their last quarterly meeting, the Strategic Vision puts renewed emphasis on our stewardship of the collection.
April 11, 2024
Shared Print
Preserving the Treasures: Shared Print Phase 3 Pilot Outcomes
HathiTrust recently released a complete report on the Phase 3 pilot of its Shared Print Program, which attempts to address the risk associated with circulating shared print items and to empower members by helping them identify unique materials in their collections. 
April 18, 2024
From the Homepage: Hauntingly Good Sandwiches?
In the Northern Hemisphere, we are on the brink of spring, which means gardens and picnics! But don’t be fooled — this is no egg salad sandwich amid blooming tulips. Explore the selections and maybe find a new favorite sandwich.
April 17, 2024

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