2023 HathiTrust User Support Annual Report

February 14, 2024

Each year, the HathiTrust User Support Team, composed of member librarians from dozens of libraries, answers questions from patrons from around the world to help them use and explore the digital library and other services. To date, there have been 109 individuals from HathiTrust member institutions who have served on the team, representing 70 different institutions.  

The 2023 HathiTrust User Support Annual Report details the extraordinary work that this essential, member-driven team contributes to support HathiTrust services.  Over the past year, the team received 4,157 new requests, split out across 11 different categories. Most questions fall into “Access and Use,” which covers copyright questions, reading, downloading and printing materials, and reusing HathiTrust content. The team also supported a major website redesign and adapted to a new internal documentation platform, as well as a self-service Help Center for users. Thanks to their flexibility and willingness to learn new systems and processes, we are able to introduce these changes and improve the level of service we’re able to provide. 

One recent user wrote, “I would like to thank you for the wonderful job that you do in preserving all these historical works. I am a History student from Brazil and I just finished my final thesis… Your repository was a tremendous help and I really couldn’t have done it without it.” Read more about the team’s accomplishments, member-contributed expertise, and user support service for all our user communities in the HathiTrust User Support Annual Report.

HathiTrust User Support 2023 Annual Report