HathiTrust Slack Community Shifts Focus

April 19, 2023

After three years, we have decided to wind down the HathiTrust Slack Community. Beginning March 23 we will no longer monitor or post on the main #General channel. However, the active channels used by several user support teams will remain — the Digital Object Quality Content  (#DOQC) and and Bibliographic Correction Groups (#BCG). These groups regularly use the channels to communicate on user problems and troubleshooting.  We began this experiment during the height of the pandemic, and while it has been worthwhile, its usefulness  has run its course. Sustaining a thriving, online community takes dedicated effort and resources that we cannot spare from other organizational activities. We thank the community for attending pop-ups and jumping in with ideas over the years. As always, if you have questions or issues to report, please contact us at support@hathitrust.org. Look for regular opportunities to connect with other members in our webinars and events.