Data Capsule Terms of Use

This Terms of Use represents agreement between the HathiTrust Research Center (HTRC), which leverages the scope and scale of the HathiTrust Digital Library to provision avenues for non-consumptive research, and an individual  (hereafter referred to as “User”) of the HTRC Data Capsule service.

The Data Capsule service grants User access to a dedicated, secure compute desktop environment (called a “Capsule”). The Capsule, which exists within the HTRC environment (located in the United States), is the vehicle through which User carries out computational activities that adhere to the Non-Consumptive Use Research Policy.

Under this terms of service, User agrees to the following:

  1. Read and comply with the Non-Consumptive Use Research Policy.
  2. Use their Capsule for non-consumptive research purposes only as defined in Section 1 of the policy.
  3. Prior to first use, User selects and submits a form to HTRC indicating their intended use and expected forms of outputs.
  4. By using the HTRC Data Capsule service, User acknowledges that information about their activities while working within their Capsule may be reviewed in a manner consistent with the HathiTrust privacy policy.
  5. HTRC employs manual or automated means to review data outputs from a Capsule prior to their release.  In interpretations of “substantial portion” or any other possible difference of views, the HTRC reserves the right to refuse any release that it deems to be not in compliance with this policy.
  6. User will not knowingly install malicious tools in their Capsule.
  7. In the event that the Data Capsule service cannot satisfy all simultaneous demands for Capsules, priority in satisfying a new request for a Capsule will be given to a User whose affiliated organization is a HathiTrust member.
  8. With the exception of participants in special programs (i.e., HTRC Advanced Collaborative Support program), non-standard capsules can only be requested by a User whose affiliated organization is a HathiTrust member.
  9. User will use their Capsule for non-commercial use only.
  10. To ensure widest possible use of the Data Capsule service, a Capsule may be recalled and the work environment will no longer exist.

By accepting this agreement, User acknowledges that they have read and accept the Terms of Use.