Board of Governors

According to the ballot proposal passed at the 2011 Constitutional Convention, the charge of the Board of Governors is as follows:

  • The Board of Governors shall elect a five-member Executive Committee, empowered to act on behalf of the Board as specified in written Bylaws.
  • The Board of Governors shall be responsible for financial oversight and for making the HathiTrust’s cost and financial information transparent to its members.
  • The Board of Governors shall create committees and working groups to carry out the Trust’s work and to develop strategies and priorities.
  • The Board of Governors shall develop a set of Bylaws and present it to the membership for ratification or rejection within six months of its formation.


Download the HathiTrust Bylaws (adopted 12 February 2013) [PDF]


The Board of Governors is composed of 12 members. Six of these seats are filled by the Founding Members: California (2 seats); The University of Chicago, University of Iowa, Michigan State University, University of Minnesota, Northwestern University, Ohio State University, Pennsylvania State University, Purdue University and University of Wisconsin-Madison (2 seats); Indiana University (1 seat) and the University of Michigan (1 seat). Six seats are to be filled through elections of the voting members of HathiTrust. Individuals from Founding Member institutions may not be on the ballot for rotating seats. In addition to the 12 elected and appointed members, the Chief Executive Officer serves as a non-voting member of the Board of Governors.

Lengths of Terms

Candidates are elected for three-year terms. In order to ensure flexibility and yet maintain continuity, candidates will serve according to the following staggered schedule:

  • The two candidates with the most votes will serve five-year terms.
  • The candidates with the third and fourth highest vote totals will serve four-year terms.
  • The candidates with the fifth and sixth highest vote totals will serve three-year terms.

As terms expire, subsequent elections will be for three-year terms. New elections will take place beginning in 2015, using the same methods as the 2012 election, when the three-year terms expire. Should a Board member leave his or her administrative post (e.g., retire as a university librarian) there will be a special election, using the same rules as the election of 2012, to fill the remainder of the term.

Current Membership

Terms beginning January 2013

Members of the Board

Elected to five year terms:
  • Betsy Wilson (University of Washington)
  • Robert Wolven (Columbia University)
Elected to four year terms:
  • Richard Clement (Utah State University)
  • Patricia Steele (University of Maryland)
Elected to three year terms:
  • Carol Mandel (New York University)
  • Sarah Michalak (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)
Appointed by the founding institutions:
  • James Hilton (University of Michigan)
  • Carol Diedrichs (Ohio State University)
  • Laine Farley (California Digital Library)
  • Wendy Lougee (University of Minnesota)
  • Brian Schottlaender (University of California, San Diego)
  • Brenda Johnson (Indiana University)
Members of Executive Committee
  • Richard Clement (Incoming chair/Treasurer)
  • Sarah Michalak (Chair)
  • Brian Schottlaender (Past Chair)
  • Bob Wolven (Chair of Program Steering Committee)
The following table shows a representation of Board members and associated terms.

Terms (Beginning January 2013)


Executive Committee officers (1-year term per office)

5 years



Betsy Wilson (U. of Washington)



Robert Wolven (Columbia University)


Chair of Program Steering Committee (2 years with renewal)

4 years



Richard Clement (Utah State University)



Patricia Steele (University of Maryland)



3 years



Carol Mandel (New York University)



Sarah Michalak (UNC-Chapel Hill)




Incoming chair/Treasurer


Past chair

Appointed by Founding Members



James Hilton (University of Michigan) [Paul Courant was Past Chair in 2013]



Carol Diedrichs (Ohio State/CIC)



Laine Farley (CDL/UC)



Wendy Lougee (U. of Minnesota/CIC)



Brian Schottlaender (UC, San Diego/UC)




Past chair

Brenda Johnson (Indiana University)



Chief Executive Officer



Mike Furlough (non-voting member of Board, Executive Committee, and PSC)