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Automatic Login for Partner Institutions

By wrapping a HathiTrust url or item handle with a single sign-on URL, it is possible to construct a link to a HathiTrust web page or to a work in the collecation that automatically passes users from HathiTrust partner institutions through their institution's authentication service, effectively "automatically" logging them into HathiTrust.

URLs must be constructed in the following way:




Where $ID is the HathiTrust item ID (for example mdp.39015015394847), $RECORD_ID is the catalog record ID (for example 007685144), and $ENTITY_ID is your Shibboleth identity provider (IdP) entity ID.


For example, given the permanent handle url


...and the Shibboleth IdP entity ID for University of Michigan


...you can append the "signon" parameter to automatically pass users through your institution's Shibboleth IDP:



In another example, given the HathiTrust homepage and the Shibboleth IdP entity ID for University of Minnesota: 



And for an example using a catalog record url and the Shibboleth IdP entity ID for Cornell University: 


Please contact feedback@issues.hathitrust.org with any questions or comments.